Cycle is all I needed

It is 9:30 PM, winters are almost over. In fact it is kinda hot in day time in Delhi. Today is 19th January. Kapil's Birthday! There are some dates people never forget. Today is one such day. I guess we never forget the Birthdays of oldest friends. At least I don't. Kapil is my friend from school days. We were in the same class from class first to twelfth.

If I am not wrong the year was 1993 and I went to meet Kapil in the evening at his home. He was not there, his mother told me he is in the park with his cousins. We used to play together daily and at that time of the day he was generally sleeping. I felt little strange. I went downstairs and entered the park and I saw him standing at some distance with one of his cousin. His second cousin was not there. As I walked towards him I sensed happiness on his face and when I actually reached where he was standing I realized that he is certainly very happy about something.

He got a brand new Hero Ranger Bicycle as his Birthday Gift!!

In 1993 this bike with flat handle was every child's dream. I just loved the cycle that he got. It was a blue colored shining new machine. Kapil told me that he actually cried at home for getting that bike as present.

After that incident there was only one thing in my mind for so many years. I also wanted a bicycle. I remember I came back from school one day and I saw BSA MTB bike in our veranda!! I was so excited about my cycle and I just couldn't wait to ride it. I had my lunch and I slept for sometime thinking of riding it in the evening. When I woke up I realized it was just my dream. Sad. I used to get similar dreams during those days. I never got a cycle and I promised one thing to myself that when I grow up and start earning I will buy my cycle.

That day actually came when I started earning and my first salary was enough to buy at least a bicycle but I did not buy any cycle. Why? I don't know. I should have. It is not fair to break your promises. Especially those which you make to yourself. It is like dying and I have died several times.

Gladly I did buy my own cycle 1.5 years ago and at that time I should have bought a bike but I bought a cycle for myself. It was one of the best moments of my life when I bought my own cycle. I waited just too long to live the moment of being the owner of cycle. This sounds little strange, I mean whats there in a cycle? Don't ask me that question. It is not about cycle at all. It is about your living your life and doing what you want and cycling is something I love a lot.

Now I am making a list of things I always wanted to do and have not done them yet. There are things that I could have done when the right time came but still I didn't. In that list I will write all those crazy, simple and stupid things I always wished for.

This is little part of my life story. All I want to say is do what you want to do. Live your dreams.

It is late. Wife is asking me to stop writing. Good Night people!

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