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What I do

I provide Drupal & JIRA Consultancy/Training. In my free time I usually roam around with my camera and take pictures of anything that generates curiosity in me. Write to me by filling this form. I am a Drupal & JIRA Trainer/Consultant and Amateur Photographer. You can Write To Me for Professional Assignments or message me at 9811787069, please be specific and I appreciate if you tell me your budget first or we can simply meet for a cup of coffee. What say?

I am an Early Riser

I usually get up at 4 AM in the morning and start working immediately. At 6 AM I go to Gym and work our for around 45 mins. After taking my breakfast I then work till Lunch. This first half of the day is the time when I am the most efficient. After taking my lunch I usually do just tasks.

I am crazy about planning and Time Management

I don't just let myself into doing things without any order. I love doing things when they are supposed to be done. I am eccentric planner and I do whatever my notepad and my google calendar ask me to do.

How can I help you?

I can help you with lot of things. If you are looking for professional website develoment then I can certainly help you. This is something I have been doing for a long time and my major interest. I can take your brand from nowhere to everywhere. I also provide Graphic Designing services. If you are or your team is looking for Drupal Training then let me know.

New Technology every week

In our field of IT there are so many things to learn, every day you hear about new technology, I am not talking about all IT technologies, I am just talking about things related to web. I am proficient in some technologies like Drupal, JIRA, Linux but indeed there are so many things to learn and it might help me too in my career, When you know new things, latest things, you can use them to earn more money ;).

So I am listing all the technologies which I intend to learn below but after learning and implementing it. I will put a link to demo here.

  • Parallax Scrolling websites: Check here
  • Learn and set up Vagrant: Check here
  • Learn to create Android app

  • Learn to create iOS app
  • Setup Docker along with Vagrant

Are You Happy With Your Work and Life?

Have you lived your dream yet? Do you want to start your own company? Lets connect with me, I would love to share my experiences with you.

  • Learn how to work on your idea along with your day job.
  • Get access to the resources to make your dream come true.
  • Learn how to stay motivated to achieve our goals.

I am not an expert on Entrepreneurship but I have been able to bootstrap my company. I started with Zero funds, never took money from anyone. I started with freelancing. I built my clients, gained confidence and finally started a Pvt. Ltd. Company. I love to meet passionate people who also want to do the same thing. Write to me to get in touch.

How to reach me

For any professional help send me an email at ravi at sparxsys dot com or Call me at +91.9811787069.