Sparxsys new logo - Drupal company in delhi

We recently revamped our company logo, you can see the S is prominent in this logo and we used sharp edges. This is part of our rebranding process at sparxsys. We will use this logo also on Slashnode which is our Drupal and JIRA Training brand.

India gate HDR pic using BlackBerry z10

I was passing by India gate last week, living in delhi we usually ignore the places and monuments by I thought I will stay here for some time to click some pics using my new #Blackberry #Z10 in HDR mode.


People say that no one really remember when they were too small but I think I remember I was small, or everyone else was a lot bigger than me. I was probably 2-3 years of age, I think I have a fair memories of those days. I remember very well my grandmother, I used to play with her and talk to her. I remember she used to love me a lot. We used to live in small flat. The earliest memories I have of my childhood is from the pre-nursery or kindergarten. I used to go to an apartment where someone was running a preschool, it was on the first floor above Vikas home. I remember going there with chalk and salethi (chalk board), I have faint memories in my mind of learning alphabets and numbers. There was a small park that used to come between our home to that playschool in apartment and I remember very well crossing that small park holding my mother’s finger. From very small age I was in love with parks, I still do. I think smalls kids understand that it is a place for fun and green color of plants, grass appeal to everyone. I have lot of memories and stories of that park in my life.

We used to live in A-1 block in Lawrence Road area in north delhi. It is a nice place where middle class families live and even now I am living here only though we shifted to another apartment. I love this place, just because all my memories of growing up are here. Even now I sometimes visit the old locality where I grew up, it feels nice and bring back all the beautiful days I spent there. I am so attached to that old house of mine that in all my dreams I still see that house and I still live there in my subconscious mind. All the dreams that I see even today is from that old house only. My mind just see that place in the dreams. Since I was the only child of my parents I spent all the childhood alone, I had invented ways to keep myself engaged in activities, I used to call them projects. There was something always going on in my mind, like building a dynamo or setting up a wind mill and creating a radio, these were the things that I used to do and I loved being alone. Even today I do my best when I am all alone just with myself.

Drupal Camp Delhi 2013

Drupal Camp Delhi (DCD) is the largest watering hole for the Drupal community in India, and the most consistently held Drupal event across the country. It brings together the Drupal developer, business and student user community. DCD is organized by the Indian Drupal community, in association with the Free Software Foundation of India.

DCD Nov’11 witnessed some eminent Drupal personalities like Dries Buytaert, the creator of Drupal and his colleagues Jacob Singh and Ron Pruett - both in senior management positions at Acquia.
Now as we look fowrward to this years Drupal Camp which is in Delhi and it will be held on 9th and 10th Nov 2013 at JNU Convention Centre. Last year DCD Dec’12 was probably the largest gathering of Drupalers in the country. It was also a first time that some of the earliest contributors to Drupal in India from around the country -- Shyamla Rajaram, Dipen Chaudhary, Sumit Kataria, Sumeet Pareek among many others -- were gathered under one roof.

We as a team from Sparxsys Solutions pvt ltd contributing to Drupal Camp Delhi 2013 as we also contributed in 2012. We are handling Drupal Camp Delhi Website and some volunteering tasks. This is really a great feel to give our best in Drupal camp. #feelproud

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Q: Drupal is open source and I can download it myself then why should I take it from you?
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I want to learn Drupal, can you help me?

Yes, we also provide Drupal Training, check the syllabus here:

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I really want to meet you or get in touch with you

Sure I would love to meet you too. Call me at +91.9811787069 or mail me at ravi at sparxsys dot com

You can also come to our office at 114, Best Sky Tower, Netaji Subhash Place. See you soon :)

My 9 Months Old Daughter Started Walking

My 9 month year old Daughter started walking today. My wife and parents mentioned earlier that she can walk without support but never believed it until I saw her walking quite comfortably today. I recorded this video quickly to capture this moment.

Time to celebrate now.

These things used to look silly to me but when you become parent then only you realize how much happiness these moments brings in the life.

Change/Preserve the color of bars in Excel Graph

Every week I prepare one report in Excel with lot of graphs. The data in the excel sheet is added in every report and the graphs that are generated based on that data are of course also updated. The client was satisfied with the report but asked me to preserve the color of the various countries that appear on the stacked bar chart. Initially for couple of weeks I didn't really paid much attention but then the client got little demanding and requested me again in harsh tone to do it. I still use Excel 2003 and not sure whether this feature is there in 2007 version, I guess not. After searching on the internet I did found a solution that requires creation of a macro that can be used to hard code the values and assign them specific color.

Here is the code. I hope it will be helpful to you. Enjoy.

Sub change_bar_color()

    NumPoints = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.Count
    For x = 1 To NumPoints
        thispt = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Name      
        Select Case thispt
            Case "India"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 2
            Case "USA"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 14
            Case "Africa"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 44
            Case "Australia"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 5
            Case "Other"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 21
            Case Else
                ' Add code here to handle an unexpected label
       End Select
    Next x

End Sub

Of course you need to modify the above code as per your needs. Though I am a hard core linux user but for few things I still use windows xp and Excel is one tool that I believe is one of the best and most powerful tool built by Microsoft. Lot of amazing things can be done in Excel and its power can be extended with the help of VBA to create applications and automating.

Our office in the morning

Sparxsys Solutions Pvt. Ltd. - Netaji Subhash Place

Isn't it a good looking building :)?

My Daughter

Daughter of Ravi Sagar
This is my daughter. I am probably sharing her pic on this blog for the first time. She was was born last year and she is now over 9 months old. She can now stand on her own and can walk a little bit. She is probably the best thing happened in my life. Now all I do everyday is think about playing with her. She is very active child, me and my wife are always running around the house to control her.

You will be surprised to know that we have not given her any formal name yet. I ijust can't think of any good name for her. I need to do it really soon I guess.

Are all startup founders unhappy?

Running a startup is extremely stressful, it affects everything in your life. When I started my startup journey I didn’t realise how much easy or difficult things will be ahead. Having a technical knowledge is one thing but managing clients is another. In my case this has been the number 1 source of unhappiness.

I am successfully managing many clients mostly alone for so many years. I feel happy when I successfully win a project, even more happy when I get paid. Believe me getting paid all by yourself is something that cannot be explained. However winning a project is one thing but actually developing the project, handling client queries, resolving their issues and delivering the project is the part which gives lot of tensions. You can’t run away from it also. You have to live with it. Due to all these tensions I feel frustrated and depressed from time to time. There is no escape from it, keeping your clients happy should be your prime task, being a startup company you have to always do something extra and not always stress on the contract.

For the past 2 years I am tracking my daily Work, Happiness and Motivation on a scale of 1 to 10. Yes I actually do it daily, strange but when you are running a startup company you will do strange things to keep you going. Tracking this information helps me to identify and analyse the reasons why I feel depressed sometimes. I have realized if you are in service industry dealing with clients you will have to live with it. You can’t just be rude to your client or fight with them. You have to be polite all the time or most of the time.

So in this blog I just want to share few tips on how to manage your stress. Remember there is no escape from it, you just can't be happy all the time. If you have started your startup journey or want to start then ups and downs are part of life. Infact you have to struggle for years before you achieve something great. Just be in the game no matter what and believe in yourself. I have learned myself over the years how to manage my work and more importantly how I feel about life in general.

So how to deal with your unhappiness?

1. Look into your past - you old achievements

The first thing I do when I feel bad about something is that I think about the happy days in my life. Over the years I have learnt that ups and down are part of life and you have to live with it, it is just not possible that you will stay super happy all the time. Life is not that easy, especially for startup founders. Deep down you really want to pursue your passion but we live in a world full of distractions and everyone will seem happy to you and enjoying life but the fact is that entrepreneurs have to sacrifice something today to achieve a lot more in future. Just live with it and keep going on, don’t give up. When there are moments of sadness you need to think about all the great achievements you have in your life starting from your early days. I often think about the day when I received 25 out of 25 marks in my Maths exams in 5th standard, everyone in the class clapped for me and I just feel awesome thinking about it. I also think about the time when I was given Employee of the month award in one of the companies I worked in the past. There are many moments that will bring a little smile on your face and makes you proud. If you think you will surely find lot of happy moments that you are proud of in your life.

Anything that makes you feel good in just enough to change your mood for few minutes. There are are hundreds of things to keep track in your daily busy schedule, there is no time for enjoying stuff that other 9-5 office goes can afford, you have to work extra hours. You are bound to feel stressed, after all we are all human beings not machines. Just take small breaks, close your eyes and think about those wonderful moments in your life that makes you feel good about yourself.

2. Build some great habits

Ok so you are all tired and nothing seems right in life and don’t know what to do. Startup founders often over work and rest very less, this results in burnt up feeling. We all need to rewind and spend time with family and friends, another thing that you can do is start pursuing a hobby, all these years you wanted to learn playing guitar or learn new foreign language. Join these hobby classes for weekends and you will have something to look up to during the week. This will also takes your mind away from daily work which is very important if you want fresh ideas to come in your mind.

3. Exercise regularly

This is the most important thing that you should do in your life. Everyone knows the importance of good health. In startups we need to work continuously for long hours which affects body and mind. Working long hours on computers has really bad effects on eyes, back, neck and other parts of the body. Unfortunately we can’t do much about it, we have no option but to deal with it. You can prepare your body for this tough work. Go to gym everyday, do exercises that tone up your body. If you are not fit then you can do much at work too. Exercising daily also builds up the determination of the person which is much needed for Entrepreneurs. When you work out your body releases hormones that makes you feel good and positive about everything in life. Exercises has multiple benefits, we all know it but in my opinion if it makes you feel good then it is totally worth it.

4. Generate multiple Sources of happiness

Do not let go of any single opportunity of laughter and fun. It is important to be serious about your work but your workplace shouldn’t have a tense environment. It affects your employees too. Your startup should look like a place where people can do amazing things.

5. Watch at least 1 Movie in a week in theatre

Watching a Movie on your Laptop is such a waste of time. Whenever there is a new exciting film I book the ticket well in advance and watch it with my family. For 2 or 3 hours we just have to watch the film and nothing else.

6. Don't work on Sundays

I stopped working on Sundays completely. When you are starting up you can't stop yourself working 7 days a week. Things are exciting and you feel compelled to work. I was working 7 days a week for so many years but recently I started this practice of not working on Sundays. I don't even open my Laptop. It is very important to rejuvenate yourself.

7. Join a Hobby Club

I am a member of running group, cycling group, coffee club and couple of other online groups. It is nice to meet people with similar interest. You always learn something new from others. There are such groups in every city. Find one near you and join them.

8. Dress up nicely everyday

Whether you work from home or have an office. Dress Smartly. That's it. As a founder you will meet new people, have to sell your product or service. Don't think that you are cool in torn jeans and T-Shirts. Wear a nice shirt, trousers. Shave regularly and act like a smart person. It is not only good for your business but also you will feel good about yourself. There are many times in the past when I had to meet people in casual clothes. I admit that I felt little less confident about myself. Now I try to wear formals or at least semi formals all the time.

I hope these tips will help you. I am not really an expert but I am just sharing my experiences with you. If you are also in the same boat then share your thoughts too.