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Thanks for coming here, I hope you are enjoying learning here, I have also written some books in case you want to learn a bit more :)
If you need my help with Drupal, Linux, Jira, Scripting, Automation or want to contact me then raise a ticket for me please :) and I will get back to you, promise. At Sparxsys we provide Atlassian consultancy services, reach out to me at ravi at sparxsys dot com


My content is free and I plan to keep it that way (apart from few of my books and videos courses that I made for a publisher) but I of course have bills to pay. So on this page you will find links to send your donations.

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However apart from donating money. There is another way of helping me. I think we all have our own website which we should host ourselves. So if you purchase the hosting on the following providers then it will help me slightly and I highly recommend these providers. I have been using them for years now and have no reason to stop using them in future. So if you purchase the hosting using these links then it will be good for me as well. Affiliate links of hosting I use
  • VPSDime: I use it for hosting my own personal sites where I don't mind experimenting because I have root access.
  • Webfaction: I use it for hosting very important Drupal sites. Works great, I have their shared hosting but it is almost like having a VPS.
  • Dreamhost: I use it for hosting my very old Drupal sites and other simple sites.
  • ImpactVPS: You can create your own VPS based on RAM and CPU you purchase.
  • Linode: I have hosted my sites here for a over a decade. Highly recommended. Very reliable

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Honestly I hardly send out mails but I guess there is no harm in at least having a newsletter. I will only send newsletter when I have something important to share or an update. People are busy and no one has time to read emails these days. If you really like my content then I guess you will remember my site and come back for more.

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