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Just finished writing my second book - Mastering JIRA 7 - Second edition and other updates

I just finished writing my second book - Mastering JIRA 7. It will be published in few weeks from now and I can't explain the extreme pleasure I am experiencing right now that I decided to write a blog about it. Well I have not been writing much on my blog for the past few years. I tried to write often but I didn't feel like writing or sharing my feelings. Anyways below is the link to the book. You can pre-order it if you want right now.

My second book is going to be published
I started writing my first book in Sep 2014 and it was published in May 2015. Writing the first book was really tough as it required all the thoughts and ideas to be written from scratch. That book was mainly based on my experience working on JIRA and other Atlassian tools. I was quite involved in the first book that I devoted lot of my energy. Writing a book doesn't really pay you much but having a published book gives a very good image in front of potential clients. I tried writing books earlier. In fact I also have one Drupal kindle version book that I wrote in 2011 and it was again a good experience but when you work with professional publishers you have a team of people proof reading your book both language wise and technically. Also, they help you with formatting the book so it is readable by variety of readers. I really learned a lot about book writing with my first book.

Earlier this year Packt contacted me to write a second book that would be an update of the first one. I knew that first book gave me so much respect in the market and I did not hesitate even for a moment to say yes for the second one as well. Writing the second edition of my first book was relatively easy as I was aware of lot of things but since there are lot of changes in JIRA 7 primarily breaking up JIRA into JIRA Core, JIRA Software and JIRA Service Desk, I had to write new chapters and change the images in almost all the chapters. It was little tough but I was able to do it.

Briefly back to job culture
This year I did a project for one of the bank. They use JIRA heavily and had lot of migration and upgradation work. It was difficult job and they needed someone to work from their office. Since they are a bank, they don't allow remote work. All the work had to be done from their office in Gurgaon. Initially I was not sure if I should take that project or not. Mainly because I was not used to going to office and that too. I have been on my own for several years now but I thought lets give it a try. So I went to their office for 6 months. I used to take their office cab, work with their employees, eat lunch with them and it was nice experiencing office lifestyle after a while plus I got to do some amazing work there.

Last year was tough
Overall last one year was really tough. Life is not simple and it could be really difficult sometimes. I had tough times but I managed to survive and will continue to do so. I think if you have lot of friends and have good social life then troubles in life will not seem big.

Got very active social life
In the past one year I probably drank the most alcohol, mostly with friends. I have fortunate to have very good friends. No matter how hard life hits you, your friends will always support you. I made sure to meet them regularly every week. When you are with friends it helps to forget about big troubles, atleast for a while.

Made some serious career decisions
I would like to say that I made some really big decisions recently related to my career. I will reveal more about it in my upcoming blogs.

I think that is it for now. There are many things to share but you cannot write about everything. In the past one year I think I have grown as a person. I restarted lot of long lost activities like painting and learning guitar. I plan to do something really amazing in the next few months and I hope you will love it too.

Diwali 2011 - Should I write a book!

Every year during Diwali I remember the things I did in past years. I guess it is not good to remember old days or should we only think about future? I dont know but it feels really nice when I think about past years. I know I shouldn't do it but I can't control the thoughts coming in my mind.

Last Diwali was my first Diwali after my marriage and we decorated the whole house and I made rangoli! yeah. Before marriage I always used to do some stuff every diwali, like go for a long walk, or sit in park for couple of hours, I miss that now. Life is really busy with lot of thing and I know it is not worth it. I am giving up lot of things now and planning to lead a simple but happy life. It is not that I am not happy, I am happy but I have made my life very occupied that sometimes I realize that I am not really enjoying the life the way I should. No matter how much money I earn or how many materialistic things I buy it can't replace the joy of simple things in life. Now when I look at my daily schedule I am always running and doing one task after another, it is like a robot or a machine doing mechanical work. I have deceided that I will not let things go like this.

As I have been saying repeatedly for so many days now that I will not be taking any more projects now, I mean client work. All I will do now is I will work on my own portals. So Sparxsys will not be taking further projects. I prefer working for myself only.

Coming back to Diwali, I like this festival like most Indias but I feel that things are not like it used to be in the past. Anyways lets talk about positive things.

On the other side, Vinod and I have been discussing about an idea these days that we were thinking for the past one year. That idea has something to do with our real passion. We have not yet formalized on that yet but pretty soon we will decide about it and hopefully in couple of months we will announce it :) I am also now thinking seriously of writing a book. I always wanted to document my life, experience in some form. This blog is certainly a place where I write about my day to day life but I also want to write some book, I have not decided whether it will be fiction or autobiography but it will be influenced by my life. I am not really a writer but Vinod asked me to write a book. I do write a lot, mostly on this blog and other places. I am a bad writer for sure but that doesnt matter as long as your readers get the message! Or may be if not a book I will write collection of short stories, may be that will be easy. My problem with writing is that, i hardly read back or revise whatever I write. I find it too boring to read your blogs again :) so if I write short stories I will have to spend less time revising it :p lazy me. I have not decided on that yet and I have not decided whether I will write a book or not but I am giving it a thought! I know there are many people who will laugh when they hear that I am writing a book :) so am I!

Happy Diwali guys! and thanks for reading my blog.

Stay Hungry Stay Foolish

Recently I started reading this book and I can't stop myself from blogging about it. This book has the stories of 25 entrepreneurs from IIMA who chose the tough road and chased their dreams. It is a must read for all those people who want to do something useful in life.

Personally I am not against working in big companies. I feel you should do whatever you do you must love it. As far as job is concerned you can not get 100% satisfaction, this is what I feel. Either your profile is not suitable or the people are not good around you or you might not be happy with the money you are earning. This book has stories of people who left their big jobs because they wanted to do something more in life which is beyond earning fat salaries.

You join a company as a fresher, you work for some years, you get promoted to senior position. You continue this path and one day you become senior manager and end up earning lot of money. Personally I don't think there is any excitement in this kind of career path. End of the day you are just working for someone else, it is not your dream.

I highly recommend this book to all the students and professionals. This book is full of motivational stories and small instances that you can relate to. Rashmi Bansal, the Author of the book has done a great job compiling these well written stories in simple language. I am looking forward to more such books in the future.

Here is the link the book's website:

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