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JIRA Training in Hyderabad, Chennai, Meeting old friends and traveling with one bag

Yeah I am back to writing blogs, I took a long break and I didn't really feel like writing much. Today I am actually writing during my work hours as I don't feel like working, in fact I am feeling guilty that I am not working but writing blog but that's ok. I have been working consistently hard for the past two months and I deserve to do little things that I like during my work hours :) I promise I will get back to work in 15 minutes.

Past two months were hectic and I was traveling a lot. I went to Hyderabad and made new clients there for JIRA consultancy work and I earlier this month I went to Chennai after several months and this time I liked begin there. May be the weather was surprisingly good. It rained when I landed in Chennai.

JIRA consultancy and training in Chennai

When I woke up and looked outside my hotel window I felt really nice. I spent few days in Chennai and unlike last time I went to different places to dine and enjoyed my time.

These days I am trying to revive contact with my old school and college friends. I realized that being social keeps you happy. I am still trying to organize a get together with my school buddies but over the past few months I met my college buddies after several years and it felt really good.

ASET College friends

Also I am learning new things. Recently I enrolled myself in French classes and I am thinking of understanding Agile methodologies in detail. I train companies on implementing JIRA Agile and over the years I have learned myself both SCRUM and KANBAN techniques. I have had several wonderful opportunities to work with several companies as a JIRA consultant. In the past 2 years my company Sparxsys has successfully implemented JIRA and other Atlassian tool many organizations and I feel really proud and little arrogant in saying that we are probably the best Atlassian consultants in India.

Recently I joined one workshop on Agile where they organized an exercise to build Leave Management System using Agile and I have to admit it was really a good session. I got some references from that workshop and I am thinking of doing some certification course on SCRM now.

Implementing Agile

The guy in the picture (unfortunately I forgot his name) works in HCL and the session he organized was wonderful. I will surely connect with him in near future. In fact many companies ask me to train their employees on SCRUM and it would be good to connect with good Agile trainers in Delhi NCR region.

What else?

I travel a lot these days for trainings and meeting clients for taking down their requirements and I feel really difficult to organize the travel. Book tickets, make hotel/cab arrangements and most importantly packing. I have now decided that I will travel with just one single backpack with everything I need. I am a great fan of Samsonite backpacks and I recently ditched my old Samsonite bag for a new one.

Samsonite Vizair backpack

The black bag on the left is Samsonite Vizair, it is bloody costly bag but it is an investment. I carry this bag to places and it keeps my laptop safe with shockers at the bottom and it has lot of spaces. I miss my old bag which was several nice pockets here and there but that bag sever me well for over 5 years and it started to torn from the edges. Although it still is in proper shape and I will probably use it for fun vacations.

You can buy this bag from Amazon. It is costly but as I said it is like a good investment and I plan to use it for the next 4 to 5 years for sure.

Phew, I am getting tired now after writing so much. Total I posted couple of blogs on my several sites and I feel good. Sometimes you are not sure about life's true purpose, in fact many people don't know what they want to do in life and everything seems out of control for them. I am not sure either as of now but I know for sure that writing is something that I love. Last year when I wrote my first published book "Mastering JIRA" I could not believe that I can really get something published. Now that I already have a book published I am thinking about writing more book in near future. It is like leaving a mark in the world :)

If you want to buy the book then click on the above link. I agree it is a bit costly but you can purchase the Kindle version :)

Have fun and stay happy!

Upcoming JIRA Training in Bangalore, Mumbai and Chennai

Life is full of ups and downs. Last two months especially December and January were not very exciting for me. I was no able to work productively and I need some break time. However in late January and so far in Feb things are super exciting for me. As I am moving ahead in my life I somehow feel that I am getting closer to what I want. At of the day if I feel happy and satisfied then everything is good. When I started my own company I had this tendency to try different kind of work, being in service industry it is tempting to try to get as many clients as you want. I did this mistake of doing any kind of work that brought money in the company, but everyone is difference. We started trainings on Drupal and then on JIRA since the beginning of our company inception but just recently we have decided to focus primarily on trainings.

We are currently not accepting any new Drupal website development work right now. That is a tough decision to make but it doesn't mean that we will not do Drupal. We have over 40 active projects to support with over 15 internal projects. We are happy serving these clients and since our trainings are bringing more cash than development work so we are happy to stay that way now. Trainings are tough business but more rewarding. We are now working on re-branding and putting life in some of our dead portals that were famous some year back.

Drupal development is costly and most of the Indian clients can't afford us any longer and we don't have the capacity to handle mediocre work now.

Now the exciting news is that recently we have been able to provide JIRA in various companies across India. It is amazing experience to travel these cities and meet different people. We always need to deviate a bit from our course. I personally never thought that this will happen. In fact when I first started using JIRA I didn't like it much.

In the month of February and March I will be traveling to Bangalore, Chennai, Mumbai and Pune for JIRA trainings. It is going to be quite hectic for me but after every successful training, it feels amazing. I always get nervous and little scared before every training. Various doubts and questions come up in my mind whether people will like my training or not but I guess it is good to get scared and later overcoming your fears makes you more confident and stronger for next challenge.

I am trying to blog more often now, I feel good after writing.


Organized 1 day JIRA and JIRA Agile Training in Polaris, Chennai

JIRA Training in Polaris Chennai
Few weeks back I went to Chennai once again but this time in a different company. I was called by Polaris to conduct a training cum doubt clearing session on JIRA and JIRA Agile. For me it was a great experience and I learned lot of new things too. Especially the level of customizations they are seeking in their instance.

It was just a 1 day session which is not really enough but the agenda for this training was decided before and I too prepared ahead. Unlike other JIRA training sessions where I usually conduct training to cover the topics which are part of standard content, this training was more like a brain storming session where they asked me lot of questions which are related to JIRA and its possibilities. I was glad to see that they already explore the JIRA quite much but were stuck at certain places and needed someone like me who can guide them well.

I can't disclose much about their customizations but will quickly mention the topics we discussed.

  • JIRA Best practices.
  • Useful plugins to extend workflow features like "JIRA Suite Utilities".
  • How to setup Issue Security Schemes and their purpose.
  • How to hide internal projects from customers who will access JIRA.
  • Is it possible to have field level permissions? - this is not possible.
  • How to hide certain fields from the edit screen?
  • How to restrict certain users to create Agile Scrum Boards? - This can be done by modifying global permission "Create Shared Objects"
  • Can be auto populate certain fields? - Use "JIRA Suite Utilities" to add this post function in the workflow
  • What is the concept of Rank in Agile?
  • Can the permission to create groups and role be given to non-admin user? - It is not possible right now.
  • Who can create Project? - Only admin
  • Who can add Project Version and Components? - Project Administrators

These are just some of the questions that they have which I cleared convincingly and rest of the day we tried to understand how Scrum Boards work. They had lot of questions about the Scrums reports, especially the Break Down Chart and Velocity Chart.

Overall it was one of the best sessions I had in recent times. After finishing the day I spent time to modify the JIRA Training Content, because there were certain topics which I though should be covered which I only realized after this session. I guess we learn as we do more and more work.

Primarily I am into Drupal and JIRA these days and I am really enjoying working on JIRA, giving consultation and training to companies, it is really a great experience for me and satisfying.

JIRA Training at Cognizant Chennai by Ravi Sagar / /

Few days back I had a great experience of organizing JIRA Training in Cognizant Chennai. It was a 2 day training program which I conducted in their training center.

Cognizant has several offices in Chennai but they have this particular building where all the trainings are organized.

Cognizant Training Center Building in Chennai

I could not get the picture of all the participants but here are some of them. Most of them were experienced developers with 3+ years of experience.

JIRA Training Participants

The main objective of the training was to make them comfortable with JIRA so they can install, customize it as per their requirements.

There was even one participant from US who attended the session online and he was some senior guy who is responsible for managing big JIRA instance with more than 1 lakh users.

Apart from the standing JIRA Training content, the developers had some specific questions on the following topics which we covered in detail.

  • How to customize JIRA Template files
  • Common issues while upgrading your JIRA instance
  • Best practices to follow before making changes in the configurations
  • Issues with the Re-indexing
  • How to upgrade JIRA from version 3.x to version 6.x

It was enriching experience for me as well as I got the opportunity to train really smart developers.

These days there is lot of requirement in the market for JIRA Training and I usually get 3-4 calls from companies and consultants from all over India.

If you are looking for training your employees on JIRA or you want me to help you in implementing JIRA in your company then do give me call @ 9811787069

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