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Today I received an enquiry to create an online gaming platform in Drupal. Frankly I have never really been into this field and really wanted to explore it further. This is going to be a big platform where users can play various online games like Chess and partypoker. Right now I am not sure how these games will work and interact with Drupal system. Most probably these will be flash games and there will be some points tht users can earn for every game. It is really an interesting project to work on. I am exploring the net for any similar implementations on Drupal.

These are some of my finding.


There is already one Drupal based online gaming site: http://www.123nexus.com/ but it seems that they have just embedded the games flash in the node. I dont think games are interacting with Drupal system there.

Indeed it is possible to build a gaming site in Drupal. I will spend few days to understand what is required to start developing it. Drupal is great platform for building a site with lot of multimedia cotent like embedded videos and images. There should have been some way to interact with flash games. I am imagning a scenario where user can register on the site and get some initial points. Playing any game would require some points and every time a user wins or loose he/she can gain or loose points. Users can compete with each other. That would be cool. This is certainly not new concept, I just want to understand how this can be implemented in Drupal.

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