Insight Asset Management for Jira Data Center

Insight is the Asset Management solution in Jira. Marketplace listing. These notes will hopefully help someone who is trying to understand what is Insight and Insight Discovery and what it can do for them.


  • Insight app is free now after it was acquired by Atlassian
  • Customers of Jira Service Management 4.14 or Jira Software 8.14 or earlier can install the Insight app here until February 3, 2023
  • For Jira Cloud Insight is available with the premium plan
  • Insight Discovery is a separate app that can be installed
  • Insight has several import options without any additional apps
    • CSV Import - upload file or url
    • Database Import - MSSQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MySQL
    • JSON Import - upload file or url
    • LDAP Import - ldap://
    • User Import
  • Insight Import Apps
    • Insight discovery
    • Insight integration - AWS
    • Insight integration - AWS
    • Insight integration - SCCM
    • Insight integration - Google Cloud
    • Insight integration - Jamf
    • Insight integration - Jira & Bitbucket
    • Insight integration - ServiceNow
    • Insight integration - Snow License Manager
    • Insight integration - Device42
    • Insight integration - Tempo Account, Customers and Contacts
    • Insight integration - NVD, data from NIST

Insight Discovery

  • Available for Cloud Premium, Cloud Enterprise and Data Center
  • Agentless network scanning
  • Encrypt traffic
  • Pattern Architecture - customisable patterns
  • Detects assets and dependencies between them
  • Detect changes
  • Multiple Insight discovery servers can be installed
  • Insight system requirements: Insight, Jira, Windows (.Net and FOD), Linux (NET Core Runtime and Mono)
  • Insight sends ICMP-Echo Request to determine whether a host should be explored
  • For Linux machines SSH is used
  • For Windows WMI (Windows Management Instrumentation) or PowerShell is used. Credentials should have admin rights on target machine. WMI is available when Discovery is running on Windows, it will not work on Linux
  • For Network devices SNMP v1/v2/v3 is used 
  • For vSphere ESXi-Server WEB-API (https-api) is used
  • For Jira Cloud only use Discovery Tool
  • For Jira Data Center install Discovery app and download Discovery Tool on the server
  • Discovery tool configurations (discovery -s)
    • Login to the tool
    • Common tab - export path to network path
    • Pattern tab - lot of existing patterns, apply all or select which one to apply (.pat patterns)
    • Scan Settings - Interval, specify, IP Range and multiple IPs. Multiple scans can be configured each with its own interval and IP Range
    • Credentials - Define credentials of the Windows server with IP address or Linux server with IP Address, various credentials can be defined using Windows, SSH, SSH_RSA, SNMP (v1/v2/v3), Application and vSphere
  • Run discovery manually (discovery)
    • It will connect to the systems
    • Data will be stored in xml file, packaged and sent to the file location specified earlier
  • In Insight configure import, predefined structure, it will create schema, then synchronise
    • It will pull data from windows server
      • hostname, system uptime, RAM, last user who accessed, OS details, CPUs, Network details, Applications installed and their versions and license information
    • It will pull data from linux server
      • timezone, RAM, model, OS, kernel version, file systems, size of file system, used
  • Collector
    • When there are multiple instances of Insight Discovery then collector can be used
  • Discovery Agent
    • It can be used to discover data from systems that are not always online
    • Collect data from Windows system without opening WMI port




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