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HOWTO write a Resignation letter

My friend want to resign and asked me to write a letter for him, I though why not post a blog so that others can also be benefited. This is high time, everyone is looking for a job these days.

Serious Letter

Subject: Resignation Letter

Manager FirstName,

This is to inform you that I have decided to explore new opportunities and move on. Please accept my resignation letter. mm/dd/yyyy would be my last day in office.

I will help in whatever way I can to transfer my duties.

Your FirstName LastName

Sarcastic Letter

Subject: Good Bye

Manager FirstName,

I have had a great time working in this office. I learned many things here, especially working with a mentor like you was a dream for me. You have always advised me to work innovatively and seek more challenges.

Being part of your team was an honor for me, but now I wish to move on in my professional life. Please consider my resignation letter and
relieve me from my duties by mm/dd/yyyy, I will give my full support in transferring my responsibilities.

Thanks for everything.

Your FirstName LastName