HOWTO write a Resignation letter

My friend want to resign and asked me to write a letter for him, I though why not post a blog so that others can also be benefited. This is high time, everyone is looking for a job these days.

Serious Letter

Subject: Resignation Letter

Manager FirstName,

This is to inform you that I have decided to explore new opportunities and move on. Please accept my resignation letter. mm/dd/yyyy would be my last day in office.

I will help in whatever way I can to transfer my duties.

Your FirstName LastName

Sarcastic Letter

Subject: Good Bye

Manager FirstName,

I have had a great time working in this office. I learned many things here, especially working with a mentor like you was a dream for me. You have always advised me to work innovatively and seek more challenges.

Being part of your team was an honor for me, but now I wish to move on in my professional life. Please consider my resignation letter and
relieve me from my duties by mm/dd/yyyy, I will give my full support in transferring my responsibilities.

Thanks for everything.

Your FirstName LastName

Update 2017

This has been one of the highly viewed blog on my site. It is quite obvious that people are looking for help when they want to resign from their jobs. My only recommendation is that keep it very short and simple. When you want to leave a job and want to resign then it means that you have a better opportunity in hand. So there is no point creating stories and using long sentences in your resignation email.

Never leave a company on bad terms
In my 14 years of experience (till 2017) I have seen almost everyone (90+%) of people leave the company on bad terms. After resigning they start saying bad or not so good things about leaving. They give reasons to their managers and HR about several things that were bad and has urged them to find a better job. In my opinion you should never ever leave a company on bad terms.

If you are changing a job or have found a better position which you think will be good for your career then there is nothing wrong in it. Don't justify your resignation with facts and figures. You want to leave just leave, simple. No company is perfect and no job is a dream job. You will always find a better job after some time. You will always find someone paying you more salary. You will always get bored with your current job. It is human nature.

People remember things you tell them. I left my first company on bad terms, it was my immaturity but I realized it much earlier in my career. Fortunately I am in touch with all my previous managers and hundreds of my colleagues. I am also in regular touch with my clients. Professionally you never know which old colleague or you old manager can help you. When I was running my company I received many references from people with whom I had worked earlier. You never know which recommendation on your linkedin profile can get you your next dream job.

So never leave a company on bad terms. Just be clear that you are leaving because it is the right time for me to move on for better opportunities. Use the format above if you need help ;)

Have fun.

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