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My top 10 goals for 2016

Ravi JIRA Training in Pune
I am trying lot of different things recently both in personal and professional life. Since last one and a half year I am taking my work not quite seriously. I work only 5 days a week and don't even open my laptop on weekends. This is working quite well for me. I feel much better now as I have less to worry. Working less doesn't mean less business. We are doing pretty good, my company Sparxsys is doing great and I am happy about it. Just that I am not to ambitious these days and I make small achievable targets. My idea is to feel good about whatever little I achieve and not set very high goals.

Last year was not very good health wise, I didn't go to gym regularly and I gained few kilos. This year I have made lot of plans for myself that may require giving up some pleasures but I know in the end it will be all worth it.

My 2016 plans

These are plans for this year. People say you should not share your plans with everyone but I don't know how sharing it with other stop me from achieving them.

1. Read 24 books
I recently purchase a Kindle and that is good enough reason to indulge myself in reading. I have been reading actively for the past few months but I need to speed up and read more books. 2 books per months seems like not difficult to me. I have created a new page to list all the books that I have read.

2. Get 6 pack abs
In past I have managed to built few packs but never really complete 6 packs. This year I have decided that it is now or never. Get back in shape and get at least 6 packs.

3. Less beer
I really like beer, may be I am addicted to it but I don't know why I have it almost everyday. I know it is not good, it adds fat to waist. This year I have decided that I will have it not more than twice a week, less is of course better.

4. Cycle and running twice per week
I own a road bike and recently purchased MTB too. I am planning to get more active on cycling and ride at least twice per week. I haven't been doing any running recently but now thinking of starting running twice per week.

5. Improve my public speaking skills
I do lot of corporate trainings and speaking in front of 50+ people continuously for 2-4 days is quite normal for me. I feel I can improve a lot here, it will no only help me professionally but personally I also want to become better speaker. I feel good when on stage and it give me high. I am thinking of joining Toast Masters club, I went to their session in the recent past and really liked it. Most likely I will join them as a member too.

6. Continue learning French
I joined french classes last year and I really learned a lot, this year I will continue to learn this language and I wish to converse with someone entirely in French this year. I joined one institute called Just French and it is quite good.

7. Learn guitar
I recently dusted off my old guitar and started practicing simple tunes by watching youtube videos but this year I want to learn from some professional. May be I will join some classes.

8. Grow my company
This year I want to scale up a little bit and grow my company. I want to increase my business both money wise and also want to grow my team. We are doing quite good but there should be hunger and desire to do even more. I want to keep that desire alive.

9. Start building a product and launch it
I have always been into service industry and our major company comes from service only but I really wish to build a product this year and launch it.

10. Write another book in 2016
I have to admit that writing a book and getting it published was one of the most satisfying experience in my life. I was quite happy when my book "Mastering JIRA" was published. This year too I plan to write another book. Writing a book is a wonderful way to learn something and also to share it with the world plus it really establishes your credibility in the market.

This is probably not the complete list, I have other things in mind too but these ten items are my top priority goals. All the actions that I take and all my work would be focused to achieve these goals and as you can see most of these are personal goals and some of the goals will help me both personally and professionally. I believe everyone should plan their life with written goals.

Do I really need a big house?

Yesterday I had a decent day, I was able to complete some tasks but nothing really great or exciting happened the whole day. I was kinda getting bored. Somehow the clock reached 5 PM and I felt little assured. It is time to go back home. I didn’t actually go home directly to my home. I stayed in the cab and got out at Model Town and took the metro to Civil Lines. Model Town metro station is little different from other stations I have seen. The entry to station is only from one side. If you are coming from Model Town then remember to take the stairs from the Alpna Cinema side. It happened to me once that I took the wrong stairs and had to come down. Although they have written it clearly “No entry” but frequent metro travelers will never notice the sign boards. Anyways I got in the station, put my backpack into the X-Ray machine and cleared the security check. It is funny to see your stuff in the X-Ray machine. It shows everything. I saw my bag and I can clearly notice my Laptop. I generally use stairs in metro stations but I was getting late so I took the escalator and reached the front side of the platform where Women Only coaches stop. I find it uncomfortable to stand there even for few seconds. Reaching the platform I immediately rushed passed the middle section. Metro came within 1 min and I stepped in. Luckily I got the seat too. Though I only had to travel 3 station but I preferred to sit instead of standing with my heavy bag. It is human nature to draw conclusions and judge others by just looking at them. Everyone does it. I do it but I don’t know if it is good habit or bad. May be I should control myself. The moment I sat, they guy next to me started starring me. He did that for atleast a minute. I knew that he was starring at me because I could see his reflection in the mirror opposite us. I too tried to look at him and when he realized it then he turned his face somewhere else. I don’t know what he was looking for? May be he knew me or has seen me somewhere. I don’t really know.

Soon a man came and sat between me and that boy. I have a strange bad habit of looking at people’s mobile. I feel jealous when someone has a better/costly phone than mine. The new guy who came and sat had a Querty keypadded Nokia phone. I stared at his phone ad that new guy also realized and looked at me, as if he is saying “You beggar don’t stare my fancy phone”. He then started browsing some site on his phone’s default browser. For a moment I didn’t do anything but I couldn’t restrain myself from pulling out my shiny but old Blackberry Curve 3G (with Enterprise Plan). I was sitting little behind him touching the back side of the seat. He didn’t notice my phone for a moment but then my phone’s screen sparkled I am sure he sensed the shiny thing behind him. He looked at my phone and may be said something in his mind “Kaise Kaiso ke pass ache phone hote hai”. May be I am just assuming all this but I don’t know.

I realized I reached Civil Lines Metro station. I got out.

I had to meet someone living on Under Hill Road. Civil Lines is a nice place with lots of trees around, thanks to the adjacent ridge, the area is generally colder. I walked all the way to the Under Hill road which is just at 5 mins walking distance. The moment I entered that road my eyes just couldn’t blink even for a second. I was amazed to look at the fancy houses. Big houses with mega gates! I just couldn’t believe how much money must be spent on these houses. May be something like 100 crores! Really. All the houses are big and grand. I don’t know what people do who live there. What kind of business they do. I felt strongly to have a house here someday. Imagine a place with lots of servants, swimming pool, 10 cars, servant houses and a big garden. Do I really need a house like that? I could be modest and say that no I don’t really need a place like that, I am happy living in apartment but the truth is that I do want to have a house that big and beautiful. I know living happily has nothing to do with big house but somehow I feel the need of experiencing the luxurious lifestyle. Why not? I then put a note on my ultimate life goals – Buy a house on Rajpur Road/Under Hill Road. When people say that they are not interested in earning lots of money and giving up materialist things. I feel that they are just big loosers. First achieve something and then give it up. When people give up without achieving anything and make excuses then and act like loosers. I know there must be many who read my blog will disagree with me but this is my personal thinking, don’t get senti :) Yeah I know if you are happy driving your Maruti 800 and living an average life then good for you. I feel that no matter how much you achieve, the hunger to achieve more and more should never go. That’s how life becomes fun.

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