Free Drupal Training and Workshop in Delhi & NCR

UPDATE 2017: We are no longer doing this workshop in Delhi, however please follow this blog for more exciting news. There is something more exciting coming up :)

Drupal is a free software package that allows an individual, a community of users, or an enterprise to easily publish, manage and organize a wide variety of content on a website. Hundreds of thousands of people and organizations are using Drupal to power an endless variety of web sites, including

  • Community web portals
  • Discussion sites
  • Corporate web sites
  • Intranet applications
  • Personal web sites or blogs
  • Aficionado sites
  • E-commerce applications
  • Resource directories
  • Social Networking sites

We at Sparxsys Solutions work extensively on Drupal and had delivered many succesful projects, we have experience in building an educational portal, matrimonial website, online newspaper and many more.

We support open source technologies and want to promote it. We offer absolutely free Introductory Workshop and Training Session on Drupal. In this workshop we cover the basics of drupal and give a demonstration on how to build a simple website without writing any code.

Topics covered in this workshop

1. What is Drupal? - An Introduction.
2. Why use Drupal? - Advantages of using it.
3. How to setup development environment?
4. Installation and intial configuration.
5. Create your first site! - Site Menu, Blocks and Pages.
6. Create your first blog with user comments!
7. Create your discussion forum!
8. Drupal Themes and Modules
9. Introduction to CCK and Views
10. What next?

Duration of the workshop

Approx. 2 hours

Prerequisites for attending this workshop

Basic HTML and good exposure to internet. Yes nothing else :)


Absolutely free for colleges in Delhi and NCR.

Ask us to organize this workshop in your college

If you want us to organize this workshop in your college then please contact us (Ravi - 9811787069), you can also fill the contact form to reach us or write at ravi at sparxsys dot com

1. We need a classroom/hall with the sitting capacity of atleast 25 students.
2. We would need a Projector and a screen.
3. It would be great if a student coordinator from college can help us in annoucing the event, managing the list of students interested in attending this workshop and coordinate the event.

When will this Workshop be held?

The date of the workshop will be fixed as per the convenience of the college.

So what are you waiting for contact us now and give your students the exposure to one of the most powerful web development cms. Call me now at 9811787069.

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