Redoing my engineering after 20 years

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Yes you read it correctly I am actually redoing my engineering again almost after 20 years. I am not really enrolling myself in a course or going back to university but I am actually relearning the things that I learned long long back again.

I made a video explain what are my plans. You can watch that video if you want but I am anyways sharing my plan in this blog.

So my plan is simple and long term. I want to study engineering subjects again and while I am studying them I will also make a video about what I learned. Now this will give a good reason to learn them properly as I will be learning it with the intention to teach it.

I started learning Algorithm Design and Analysis and really enjoying it. I also made a video on Asymptotic Analysis today, honestly I had some difficulty making that video because I was struggling to be technically correct and use the right terminology. 20 years is a long time but it didn't take me long to catch up.

My intention is to continue making good simple videos and my main objective is not to make videos but to learn. These days it is so easy to get clarity on a topic. There are plenty of videos online and tons of resources. While I was doing engineering the internet connection was still 56 kbps and there was no youtube. I want to make videos mainly because I want to share them and I will be learning more carefully. Second I will get feedback from lot of people which is always good.

So I hope my plan goes well, I want to take it easy and not worry too much about it. I just want to learn old subjects for the pure joy of learning and sharing. Simple.

Apart from engineering subjects I will continue to make videos on Jira and Drupal plus anything that excites me really.

Ok that is it for now. Have a nice day.

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