Get Domain Name + Hosting + Shinning Drupal Website for just $120/year

Dear friends,

Do you want a rock solid good looking website? Let me get to the point straight.

Here is the deal. Buy the Annual hosting from Dreamhost using my affiliate link mentioned below and I will throw in some cool stuff that no one can offer you.

My Dreamhost affiliate link:

(After you click on the Affiliate link do not enter any Promo code or close the window, just click on the link above and complete your order)

What you will get?

1. Hosting for one year.
2. Domain name for 1 year. Dreamhost annual hosting comes with a domain name too.
3. Free pre-configured Drupal Website. This is the most interesting part. Keep on reading for more details.

This is a limited time offer. Probably I can manage this offer for first 50 people who contact me.

What you will get in the Drupal Website?

1. Home Page
2. Static Pages - About Us, Services, Disclaimer, Privacy Policy, etc
3. Featured Image Slider
4. Discussion Forum
5. Comment Management
6. Image Gallery Management
7. Video Gallery Management
8. Event Management
9. News Management
10. Responsive Design
11. Search Mechanism
12. Content Migration
13. Site Map
14. Contact Us Form
15. Suggestions/Feedback
16. Admin Dashboard

Are you crazy? What is your benefit in this?

When you sign up on Dreamhost using my affiliate link: then I will get $97 as affiliate referral. So it is win-win situation for both of us.

Lovely how do I get started?

1. Just sign up on Dreamhost for their $120 Annual plan. Click here:

2. Choose the preferred domain name that you want for your website while signing up.

3. Give me the username and password that used for signing up on dreamhost.

4. I will setup the Drupal site on your domain that includes the features I mentioned earlier.

5. I will give you the admin details of your Drupal site that includes the features I mentioned earlier.

6. You can customize your site as per your needs. Upload your own logo, change the slider images, write blogs, create eventsand manage your site yourself.

7. We will also send you a Do-It-Yourself guide


Q: Drupal is open source and I can download it myself then why should I take it from you?
A: When you install Drupal you will get nothing usable. We have customized Drupal that includes the most common features of a Dynamic site. We will also setup the site for you so you don't have to struggle.

Q: Will I also get free emails on Google Apps
A: Unfortunately Google Apps is no longer free but you can still create emails on your domain on

Q: Your Drupal site is great, can I also do more customizations?
A: After setting up your site we will give you the control so you can upload your images, change logo, change the content of the pages. Create more content. However if you want to have more features and need more customizations then write to me at ravi at sparxsys dot com and we will give you a quote.

Q: It sounds to good to be true. There has to be a catch
A: Well if you are not convinced then you will still get Hosting and Domain for 1 year on Dreamhost :)

Q: How long will it take?
A: After you give me the login details of your Dreamhost hosting I will take 2-3 days to setup your site.

Q: The site that you will setup will be blank or what?
A: Not blank, the site will have dummy content and generic images, you can easily modify it to match your requirements. Of course we would be more than happy to help with in customization provided you are willing to pay us some additional money ;) but if you are just little bit tech savvy then you can do it yourself too.

Q: Will I get a choice to choose different themes?
A: At the moment we have two different color schemes but in future we will have more but if you pay us more money then we can customize the theme for you also.

Q: Will you also design logo and graphics for us?
A: No :) use your logo. We can design logo for you at additional cost.

Q: What is the size of the images for banners and slideshows?
A: The images in the blogs, events and news are automatically resized but for images of sliders we will tell you the exact size. Details are mentioned in the DIY Guide.

If you are convinced then go ahead and buy the Dreamhost hosting using our affiliate link only mentioned below:

Affiliate link:

(After you click on the Affiliate link do not enter any Promo code or close the window, just click on the link above and complete your order)

BTW if you don't know what Drupal is and why you should use it for your website then check the presentation below.

I want to learn Drupal, can you help me?

Yes, we also provide Drupal Training, check the syllabus here:

We charge Rs. 10,000 for our 12 hours Drupal course. Classes are held at our office in Netaji Subhash Place in the evenings and on weekends.

I really want to meet you or get in touch with you

Sure I would love to meet you too. Call me at +91.9811787069 or mail me at ravi at sparxsys dot com

You can also come to our office at 114, Best Sky Tower, Netaji Subhash Place. See you soon :)

My 9 Months Old Daughter Started Walking

My 9 month year old Daughter started walking today. My wife and parents mentioned earlier that she can walk without support but never believed it until I saw her walking quite comfortably today. I recorded this video quickly to capture this moment.

Time to celebrate now.

These things used to look silly to me but when you become parent then only you realize how much happiness these moments brings in the life.

Change/Preserve the color of bars in Excel Graph

Every week I prepare one report in Excel with lot of graphs. The data in the excel sheet is added in every report and the graphs that are generated based on that data are of course also updated. The client was satisfied with the report but asked me to preserve the color of the various countries that appear on the stacked bar chart. Initially for couple of weeks I didn't really paid much attention but then the client got little demanding and requested me again in harsh tone to do it. I still use Excel 2003 and not sure whether this feature is there in 2007 version, I guess not. After searching on the internet I did found a solution that requires creation of a macro that can be used to hard code the values and assign them specific color.

Here is the code. I hope it will be helpful to you. Enjoy.

Sub change_bar_color()

    NumPoints = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection.Count
    For x = 1 To NumPoints
        thispt = ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Name      
        Select Case thispt
            Case "India"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 2
            Case "USA"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 14
            Case "Africa"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 44
            Case "Australia"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 5
            Case "Other"
                ActiveChart.SeriesCollection(x).Interior.ColorIndex = 21
            Case Else
                ' Add code here to handle an unexpected label
        End Select
    Next x

End Sub

Of course you need to modify the above code as per your needs. Though I am a hard core linux user but for few things I still use windows xp and Excel is one tool that I believe is one of the best and most powerful tool built by Microsoft. Lot of amazing things can be done in Excel and its power can be extended with the help of VBA to create applications and automating.

My Daughter

Daughter of Ravi Sagar
This is my daughter. I am probably sharing her pic on this blog for the first time. She was was born last year and she is now over 9 months old. She can now stand on her own and can walk a little bit. She is probably the best thing happened in my life. Now all I do everyday is think about playing with her. She is very active child, me and my wife are always running around the house to control her.

You will be surprised to know that we have not given her any formal name yet. I ijust can't think of any good name for her. I need to do it really soon I guess.


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