Tuesday, January 23, 2018 - 16:59
Everything is easy
How true is that statement? Very often I come across people who have opinion about everything and they look at things from only their perspective. I just don't understand why can't people keep their opinion to themselves unless someone is asking them.
Monday, November 13, 2017 - 21:51
10 years on twitter
I can't believe I have been on twitter for 10 years! Phew it is a long time and surprisingly I remember very well the day I signed up for twitter. I was not sure what this new application is all about. It was 2007 September and I don't remember how exactly I came to know about it but I didn't like it a lot in the beginning. I signed up because twitter was built using Ruby on Rails and in Sep 2007 I was exploring #Drupal after developing a site in PHP and also trying Ruby on rail although I never deep dived in RoR. I spent few months learning and developing a site in PHP and when I came to know about Drupal I was hooked. It was a perfect CMS for me, it was powerful, scalable and easy to use as well for me. The only thing missing was lack of good looking themes, anyways coming back to…
Monday, November 13, 2017 - 17:22
Let us say you have a some sentences in your excel sheet in one or two cells. Now if you are very particular about punctuation like me then you may want to change the case of all the words starting in a sentence. Let us say you have some sentences like below in various cells. A1: ravi is very nice. he likes writing on his blog. A2: he is a good boy. he like to walk in the par. he like good food. The sentences are ending with a full stop and the next sentence is starting with a lower case first letter in the word. The following macro can fix that :) Just highlight the cell where you want to run the macro. Sub SentenceCase() Dim v As Variant Dim s As String Dim j As Long Dim cell As Range For Each cell In Selection.Cells If cell.HasFormula = False Then s = cell.Text v =…
Sunday, November 12, 2017 - 21:30
I have been clicking pictures in digital format since 2004 when I bought mobile phone with camera. It has been 13 years and I have lot of pictures. I used to manually organize the pictures by create a folder like YYYY-MM-DD_SOME_TEXT and for some reason I really like this format. These days people use Google Photos which is definitely amazing by I am still following the old fashioned way to manage the pics manually. Most of the pictures I have taken in the past 13+ years are from mobile and stored in the memory card from from time to time I take them from mobile and store them separately by creating a folder by date. I feel lazy to create the folder by date manually and I used this nice shell script to create the folders with date name and nice organize all the pictures take on that date…
Thursday, November 2, 2017 - 20:50
2016 goals
Earlier last year I wrote a blog post regarding the goals that I set for 2016, I never bothered to update you guys with the progress last year. In fact it has been two years (almost) since then and I still haven't updated. It is better late than never. Here is my update on my goals from last year. 1. Read 24 books - Not done. I did read lot of books but certainly not 1 book every month. I think I read 5-6 since last year. Very bad Ravi. Not good. You can do better. 2. Get 6 pack abs - Not done. In fact I stopped doing regular workout. I don't want to blame myself for this. Sometimes you can't control everything in your life but I will improve it in my next list of goals. 3. Less beer - Not done. No comments on this. It is good that I am not very much into hard drinks. 4. Cycle and…
Wednesday, November 1, 2017 - 12:13
Me in sunglasses
My second job with Kaplan Financial (earlier know as eMind) I worked mainly for Product Support and later as Project Coordinator where I was doing really interesting stuff. The company had few online products for Insurance education targeted for US market and the development team in India was responsible for maintaining it and adding new features. When I was working there under Product Support I was responsible for making sure that any new request from Account Managers are fulfilled and working with the development team as well to make sure that the new features or improvements are not going to break anything on the server. When I joined that company I was kind of confused with life. It was just one year after graduating from college and my experience from first job wasn't great. I really…
Monday, October 30, 2017 - 18:21
Ravi Sagar Website 2017 Revamp
Few days ago I decided that I will revamp this blog to latest version of Drupal which is version 8. To be honest I was not sure about D8 but more about improving the site. Actually for the past 2-3 years I didn't improve this site. This is the thing with website development. You need to keep on improving it, maintain it and make sure it is running fine. There are many things which I changed on the site and I want to summarise here. Upgraded to D8. The first thing I did was to install fresh D8 and then I migrated the data from D7. D8 comes with some experimental migration modules - Migrate, Migrate Drupal and Migrate UI. I used them and migration was kind of ok. I didn't bother too much about the configurations. I just wanted the blogs and its related configuration like fields to migrate.…
Monday, October 30, 2017 - 13:13
Ravi Sagar AUG London 24th October 2017
Last week on 24th October I spoke at Atlassian User Group London meetup about Elements which is the new app from Valiantys. This app's aim is to help user manage simple lists without using Sub-tasks because they can be bit complicated for doing simple tasks. In cases when users just want to manage a simple list of items like to-do, definition of done or any kind of checklist using sub-tasks can be cumbersome. This event happened at Telegraph office "The Telegraph 111 Buckingham Palace Road, Victoria London, SW1W 0DT" which is an amazing office. I really enjoyed talking there. The good part is that there were lot of questions from the audience and it means that people are interested in the features that this app offers. Here is the link to the event: https://aug.atlassian.com/events/…
Saturday, October 21, 2017 - 11:18
This year has been interesting in many ways. Living in foreign country and adapting new things is challenging but it wasn't really very tough. For me I am quite used to Delhi so living in London for me is more about reminiscing. Lets see what is next for me. As of now things are good. This year for me it was all about getting used to a new place and people. I am not very fond of change. I like things as they are and I get little annoyed when things change around me. So 2017 has been ok if not great. This year I don't know if I accomplished anything great or learned something new which is little concerning for me. I haven't really learned a lot so far this year but there are still 2 more months in 2017. So I am trying to make some plans.  Revamping this site This site is very close to me…
Saturday, August 19, 2017 - 11:08
Mastering Jira 7
Atlassian JIRA 7 is an enterprise issue tracker system. One of its key strengths is its ability to adapt to the needs of an organization, ranging from building software products to managing your support issues. This book provides a comprehensive explanation covering all three components of JIRA 7, such as JIRA Software, JIRA Core, and Jira Service Desk. It shows you how to master the key functionalities of JIRA and its customizations and useful add-ons, and is packed with real-world examples and use cases. You will first learn how to plan for a JIRA 7 installation and fetch data. We cover JIRA reports in detail, which will help you analyze your data effectively. You can add additional features to your JIRA application by choosing one of the already built-in add-ons or building a new one…

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