Duplicating a git repository to another repository - Bitbucket

Duplicating a git repository to another repository - Bitbucket
I always used SVN for managing my projects, that was the case till last year. Though Drupal.org moved to GIT too few years back, I did not completely move to GIT. The main reason was the comfort level. Of course GIT offer plenty of good features but SVN was also not bad, and most importantly I was the only developer on those projects.

Since last year our team has grown and we now use Bitbucket only for managing our code on git repositories. At Sparxsys we offer Drupal development at really competitive prices and our main USP is to deliver fast. Some of the projects have common functionality so we re-use the code of other projects. This may not be true for big complex projects but if we get a requirement for a relatively simple site with standard dynamic features for managing the content, forums, blogs, news, slideshows then we prefer to re-use the code.

For the past 1 year I was mostly involved in managing clients, sales, branding and non-technical activities but since last few weeks I have decided to get involved more deeply in the projects. So my role is now more of developer where I actually build websites, write modules and do lot of designing using Omega4 theme in SASS.

Here I am sharing very simple instructions to duplicate/mirror a git repository.

First create a bare clone of the old GIT repository on your local

git clone --bare https://username@bitbucket.org/username/OLD-PROJECT.git

# Make a bare clone of the repository

You may want to do this in the folder other than your DocumentRoot that contains the folders of your other projects. Just to avoid confusion.

Now move into the directory


Push the code into the new repository

Of course you should create this empty repository before running this command.

git push --mirror https://username@bitbucket.org/username/NEW-PROJECT.git

# Mirror-push to the new repository

Finally you may want to delete the old directory

cd ..
rm -rf OLD-PROJECT.git

# Remove our temporary local repository

And it is done. Easy no?

JIRA Training at Cognizant Chennai by Ravi Sagar / Slashnode.in / Sparxsys.com

Few days back I had a great experience of organizing JIRA Training in Cognizant Chennai. It was a 2 day training program which I conducted in their training center.

Cognizant has several offices in Chennai but they have this particular building where all the trainings are organized.

Cognizant Training Center Building in Chennai

I could not get the picture of all the participants but here are some of them. Most of them were experienced developers with 3+ years of experience.

JIRA Training Participants

The main objective of the training was to make them comfortable with JIRA so they can install, customize it as per their requirements.

There was even one participant from US who attended the session online and he was some senior guy who is responsible for managing big JIRA instance with more than 1 lakh users.

Apart from the standing JIRA Training content, the developers had some specific questions on the following topics which we covered in detail.

  • How to customize JIRA Template files
  • Common issues while upgrading your JIRA instance
  • Best practices to follow before making changes in the configurations
  • Issues with the Re-indexing
  • How to upgrade JIRA from version 3.x to version 6.x

It was enriching experience for me as well as I got the opportunity to train really smart developers.

These days there is lot of requirement in the market for JIRA Training and I usually get 3-4 calls from companies and consultants from all over India.

If you are looking for training your employees on JIRA or you want me to help you in implementing JIRA in your company then do give me call @ 9811787069

Now offering JIRA & JIRA Agile Training anywhere in the world

I am writing after so long on my blog, though I always promise myself to update this blog regularly but it never happens. Well things were indeed quite busy in the past few weeks. At sparxsys we are now planning to do more challenging work than ever. Recently we started working on mobile app, currently we are working on an app that will fetch the data from a Drupal website and display it on the app. I hope this will enhance our portfolio. We are also now trying explore into overseas market. I am hoping for the best to happen.

Well, recently we started promoting our JIRA course more aggressively. We updated our website Slashnode.in which is dedicated portal for Drupal and JIRA corporate training and surprisingly we got amazing response. I now receive lot of calls from all over the world to conduct JIRA Trainings and also to provide consultation to companies who want to use JIRA.

Currently we offer training on both JIRA and JIRA Agile (Greenhopper). Check out the training content.


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