[Day 3 & 4: Failure and Success]: Mughal Garden was a disappointment

Yesterday I posted one blog from my mobile but it didn't get posted. So the news is that yesterday I didn't wake up on time but I managed to work effectively whole day.

Today I got up on time.

So far my score is 3 out of 4 days.

Today I went to Mughal Garden with my wife. I was excited but I did a little research on the net and found out that cameras are not allowed. That's disappointment but I understand that it is security measure.

I thought I will go somewhere after visiting Mughal Garden so I carried my camera and left it in the car. When I entered inside the security guard refused to allow me. Why? because my car keys have the central locking remote and any remote trigger were not allowed. Ok I understand this one too, remote triggers right.

Then I stood in the long long line and deposited my car keys.

Ok I entered inside.

I have been to Mughal Garden when I was little child and I remember I saw beautiful flowers and I loved it back then but this time most of the flowers were dried and there was nothing special really there. Just usual stuff.

It is my personal opinion. I didnt enjoy going there today, I went there because it is Rashtriya Bhawan, the Presidential palace's garden.

Overall it is not worth going there. I think you should go there only when you have absolutely nothing to do. If you are visiting Delhi then think twice before going there. You might be disappointed as well. If you just want to see the Rashtriya Bhawan then just see it from the outside and click pictures but if you go inside and you will have to walk like a robot. The guards won't allow you to stop and appreciate the flowers.

I don't know the reason for opening Rashtriya Bhawan. It is just a garden, a very normal garden.

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