March 2012 Challenge to Wake up on time

Tomorrow is the 1st day of March. Winters are almost over so it should be easy to get out of the bed for everyone. So the challenge is to get up on time throughout this Month. I know it is very difficult to get into the habit of getting up on time, you can do it for a day or two but after that you get back to your old routine.

Lets try to set some goals here. First of all at personal level we should decide the time we want to get up. In my case it is 4 AM, actually 3:55 AM to be exact. Every human being on this earth needs atleast 7 hours - 8 hours of sleep. 6 hours is still ok, provided you take a nap in the afternoon which covers up the missing time of sleep. Anything less than 6 hours is not healthy for us. So if I want to get up at 4 AM then I should sleep sharply at 9 PM but that's really difficult for me so I sleep at 10 AM. So I sleep for 6 hours and usually it is enough for me and also I take little nap in the day and also on the weekends I sleep for couple of hours in a stretch to cover up the missing hours during the weekdays.

In reality this things hardly works, after all we all are human beings and going to bed sharply at 10AM and sleeping exactly for 6 hours is not possible. Getting up on time is not a problem, you set an alarm for that but you can't forcefully go to sleep. Human beings don't have sleep button :) I tried this approach of sleeping exactly on time but sometimes I fall in sleep immediately and sometimes it takes an hour. It all depends on how tired I am. So this is another point to remember that try to get tired during the day :) Work hard so that you are able to go to sleep easily.

I make it a point to get up as soon as the alarm goes off but my freshness level is not the same all day. Sometimes I feel so refreshed that I get up easily and sometimes I am still tired and need more sleep but I anyways get up.

I carried on like this for many years but recently I came across a blog post by Steve Pavlina where he talked about become an early riser. He mentioned a very interesting approach to tackle this problem. He says that we should sleep only when we feel like, it could be 10 PM or 9:30 PM but always get up on time when the alarm goes off. This approach sounds interesting to me and I tried to implement it in my routine. My target is to go to sleep sharply at 10 but I don't check the clock to get into bed instead I listen to my body. Around 9:30 PM when I have taken my dinner I try to read some book for 30 mins or so and in this time I get involved deeply in the book that after 30 mins of alertness I can't read any longer. Sometimes those 30 mins can stretch to 45 mins and sometimes I feel sleep within 15 mins. Doing this also helps me to achieve one of my goals to read a book regularly.

Anyways so you get the idea.

If you are reading this blog and desire to wake up on time then Subscribe to my newsletter. I will try to help you to get up on time. No I am not an expert on this subject but I can definitely share my experiences and that might help you. Who know that getting up early is the only thing you needed to become successful in whatever you want :)

Have a nice day and Wake up on time tomorrow.

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