Trying to install Fedora 14 on repaired computer

I got up early at 3:55 AM in the morning today. It took me around 20 mins to get out of the bed. You know when you open your eyes in the morning the time you take to get out of the bed is inversly propotional to thing you achieve. The more time you take, less you achieve. May not be true for everyone but certainly true for me. Getting out of comfort to take new challenges is certainly not an easy task and I feel tempted to stay in bed and enjoy every bit of dreams I could.

After waking up I sat on my computer and collected all the company documents for annual tax filling purpose, yeah I hate to do all this but you can't really escape from it. You have to do mundane tasks. Good that I did that in the morning. Remember eating the frog :), doing the most difficult thing first thing in the morning, so you feel charged up for rest of the day.

[Wife]: I need a Solo Microwave!!
[me]: Ok, le ayenge.
[Wife]: Mera phone bhi theek karwao
[me]: Aj hi jakar karwata hoon

back to work..

Yeah, so after collecting all the company documents, I did biceps today then took the bath.

Then I fixed my old computer, took me some time to figure what is wrong. I cleaned RAM, removed every connection and finally it was the loose power supply connection. Not sure but it worked!!

Now I am trying to install Fedora 14 in it. First the computer didnt recognized the DVD drive, I removed the drive from another computer and it worked. When I tried to install F14, it asked me to choose installation source, I think it booted the installation but didnt recognize the DVD ROM during the installation. I think the old mobo doesnt support DVD, even in the BIOS it is mention CD ROM everywhere. Not sure but at least the F14 DVD boots!

I am now copying the F14 iso to another HDD and I will boot F14 DVD and install Fedora from that HDD. I hope it works! It should work I have done it in past. Let me try it!

Chal Jayio yaar!

Oh btw Good Morning!

Damn I inserted SIM wrongly in my mobile, thanks Vinod for reminding me that my phone is off!!!!

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