Upgraded to Fedora 11 - Review

Two weeks backs I installed Fedora 11 on my Compaq Laptop. I last installed Fedora 8 in May last year when I bought my laptop and ever since I was using it. In the past one year F9 and F10 also came but I was too lazy to install them. Anyways I finally managed to installed F11 and I m glad I did.

Good things
1. My Wifi card was detected automatically. In F8 I had to install madwifi to use wifi on my laptop
2. It boots in seconds!! believe me you will get the login screen in just 20 sec
3. It looks good. I am a KDE fan and I am happy to see major change in KDE after a long time.
4. Laptop keys for sound control works in KDE
5. Package Manager works well.

Bad things
1. Laptop Keys for brightness control does not work in KDE, it works on GNOME though. I am still finding a way to enable those keys. I found an alternative to directly reduce the LCD brightness. Just issue this command as root

  1. sh -c 'echo 0 > /sys/devices/virtual/backlight/acpi_video0/brightness'

2. There is no progress bar in the package Manager.

I have been using Fedora as my primary OS for many years now and I think F11 is so far the best.

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