ffmpeg - Generate slideshow for Linkedin

Submitted by ravisagar on Wed, 03/01/2023 - 08:11

Who wants to create slides manually when you can do that super easily and quickly using ffmpeg and a shell script?

#ffmpeg #LinkedinSlides

Akaso v50 Pro as cctv update

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 05/23/2022 - 18:42

I have to figure out how to securely stream the feed privately which I can access from anywhere. For the time being I think I will just use YouTube private stream I guess.


ffmpeg - Thermocol background for my videos

Submitted by ravisagar on Tue, 05/17/2022 - 06:44

Today I built a white background using a big piece of thermocol. Now I am planning to replace the background with another image using a blur. I think it can be done but I will try to do that if I get time.

#ffmpeg #background

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