Frustration with Jira

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 01/16/2023 - 17:46

I like Jira because I built my career around it but I do want to also share some of its challenges.


I don't use Trello

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 01/09/2023 - 18:43

I have tried using Trello few times in the past but I always fall back to Jira.


You should definitely learn Jira as a student

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 01/02/2023 - 16:13

Whether you are a student of a technical course or a management course, learning a tool like Jira will always help you you.

#AtlassianCareer #LearnJira

First ITSM webinar on 14th January 2023

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 12/26/2022 - 18:03

As promised earlier I will be doing the first webinar on 14th January 2023. The topic would be ITSM.

#Sparxsys #Webinar #ITSM

Too many apps on the marketplace?

Submitted by ravisagar on Sun, 12/25/2022 - 17:27

My list of favourite apps is still the same although there are plenty of apps on the marketplace.

#JustTalk #AtlassianMarketplace

Monthly Jira webinar in 2023

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 12/19/2022 - 16:03

I promise I will do at least one webinar every month in 2023.

#justtalk #Webinar

Own community is the way to go

Submitted by ravisagar on Mon, 12/19/2022 - 15:58

Starting your own community is actually not that difficult.

#JustTalk #ownyourdata

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