2018 almost over

Wow, can't believe 2018 is over, well almost. Not many days left. So many things happening in life. I made lot of plans earlier this year and honestly I have mixed feelings about my plans. Overall I would say I am happy but I could have done much much better but anyways, atleast I am aware of it.

As compared to 2017 this year was way better in terms of what I was able to achieve. So that is good news.

As of now I have just too many things in my mind but I need to spend some time and organise my thoughts. I used to write a lot, I mean a lot. When I say writing I mean actual writing on paper with pen. For me writing and taking notes has always helped me a lot. Whenever I make plans by writing I do end up doing them or atleast attempt finishing them.

I still remember lot of plans I made in 2011 and after 7 years I can't believe I have done so much. One thing I wish is that I can be more organised and I hope in the next few weeks before the end of this year I get more clarity.

I will make another post where I will review all the things I wanted to do this year and will wither carry forward them to next year or postpone them or remove them completely.

In 2019 I really want to do a lot more for sure. One thing which I am not doing at all for the past 4 years and especially last 2 years is taking care of my health. So health would now be my first and most important priority for every year now. I may join a gym, start running or cycling but I will make sure I spend time on my health. For the next few years I will probably not burden myself by doing too many things. I will do less things and do them better.

Let us see how it goes.

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