Writing short quick posts vs detailed useful posts

In the past few weeks I have been posting a lot of content on my site. I decided that I should be writing small posts using notes concept which is nothing but a way to share updated on my own site. It is working fine so far and I am happy.

For writing proper blogs I was thinking I should be doing a bit more effort in writing them. Instead of just getting them out to the world I should spend more time doing research about the topic and then writing a detailed blog.

It is a very good way to understand the topic, learn new things and when you write with the intention to share and spread knowledge then you also remember it for a long time. I have been doing this for a long time actually.

Sometimes I just search on google with my name and the topic which I wrote many, many years ago.

This year I have ambitious plans - I want to learn french, gain deep insights on DevOps, improve my communication and presentation skills further and also to get back to Drupal development and few others. I want to give my 101% to achieve these goals and writing really gives me a boost.

This year so far has been astonishing for me. I also noticed that when I push myself more to do something I end up doing better in all areas of my life. For instance lately I was making some videos for my new youtube channel at the same time I have been writing a lot on my blog. It really help in building a will power and when I do better in one domain I always end up doing good in other areas.

I was thinking a lot whether I should write very long blogs and I decided now to write at least one good long detailed and useful blog every week. I will probably make a separate section on my blog for such blogs.

Hope this plan works.

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