Top 5 Jenkins plugins to make your life and work much easier

Top 5 Jenkins plugins

If you love Jenkins then you can't ignore these top 5 popular plugins to make your life easier. I am glad to know that Jira is part of the list and of course I am also biased about it. Lately I realised that majority of DevOps people love Jenkins a lot, although Bamboo is quite good as well and we as an Atlassian consultant working for clients in London and UK our preferred choice would be to first recommend a tool that can seamlessly integrate with not only Jira but also with Bitbucket.

Jenkins is still one of the most popular tool in the market and I also enjoy working on it. In the past few months I am doing a deep dive in DevOps and Jenkins being in the Center of Continuous Delivery and Continuous Integration I can not ignore it. Few years ago when we also used Jenkins for deploying the code on staging, although we were still using manual method for production as we were not very confident about the capabilities but in the past few months I learned that apart from Bamboo these open source tools can also do a lot and with these plugins the capabilities can be enhanced further.

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