Can I write a blog everyday? Should I?

So far I have been blogging everyday this year, except 1st Jan. Today is 4th Jan. Things are going on track and as planned so far. I have set some goals for myself for this year and this time I just have this feeling that I will achieve most of them. I am trying to get more disciplined now and more than anything else I am trying to overcome procrastination, which is the habit of delaying things, mostly things that are either boring or little difficult to do. Last year I did improve a lot in various aspects but delaying things is something I needed to avoid. This year I have not really delayed things yet and I am sure I will not procrastinate in the future too.

I wanted to share my goals in this blog but I prefer to keep it personal. Though I can share some of the new things I am trying this time. I have divided my Goals into 3 parts. First one is the short term goals which I intend to achieve within 6 months. In this category I have some deadlines of March and June. Second category is the medium term plans where I have put the goals that I will achieve in the 6 Months to 5 Years from now. The last category is the long term goals which I intend to achieve in the 5 year to 10 year period. While doing this exercise of putting my goals in these three categories I found it most difficult to put things in the long term goals and I think it is very important for me and anyone to visualize themselves what they want to be in 10 years for now. I guess I will do more brainstorming for my long term plans. The things that we really want should be very clear. When I see the list of things in my short term and medium term plans then most of them are tasks or steps that are really important for me to achieve to reach my tru goal.

I was moving my mails and I had few minutes to write this mail. I need to get back to work now!

Have a nice day!

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