[Day 2: On time but little tired]

Hey I am up today as well on time. I slept nicely last night and was in deep sleep. The alarm clock woke me up at 3:55 AM, for few seconds I felt that I should sleep for some more time, but I wanted to see the clock as it turned 4'o clock. Today I felt little tired, I don't know, may be because I worked out extra yesterday, so that's another point to remember that there is no need to overdo exercise or anything for that matter. If we work out more then body will take more time to recover and that might disturb the schedule.

So today is 2nd Day of my Wake up on time challenge, I pledged that I will wake up on time throughout this month without failing a single day. That doesn't mean that I will not get up on time after that. I have always been early riser but for some time I was struggling to get back into this good habit. Few days back I decided that I need to take control over it and I took this personal challenge. 30 Days - 4 AM. I read something somewhere that it takes 45 Days to develop a new habit. For me 30 Days are enough and I feel that it should help me to get back into this habit.

I have become Fan of Steve Pavlina's blog posts on Sleep. Anyone who wants to wake up on time to improve their life should read his blog posts on sleep.

So thats it for today. If you want to Wake up on time then I suggest you to susbscribe to my newsletter.

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