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Jira Training and lockdown in London, UK

Lot of people have learned Jira while at home during the lockdown. London and I think most of UK is still in lockdown, hopefully it will be relaxed in coming weeks but what I wanted to share is that use the time wisely. I know we all are missing meeting our friends and drinking with friends but we have to find ways to get the most out of this situation. Staying at home is for this long has been annoying but we have so much time we can used to learn a new skill. That new skill can open doors and give you more opportunities. Learning Jira is one such thing you can do. Lockdown for me was not to bad, for instance I have been learning Node.js for the past few months, this is along with my usual videos and other courses that I have making. My content is free and I have intentions to keep it free forever.

I have a simple strategy - spend 30m to 2 hours everyday to learn a new skill and I try to keep track of this "learning task" in my Emacs Org Mode agenda. Whenever I learn a new thing I also make a video so I can also share my learnings.

So if you are looking to start your career in the field of Atlassian then I made a video on this topic, because Jira is the main tool that you should start learning first, I also made another video on skills and path you can take to do wonderful things with jira in your career like becoming a developer, Jira administrator or a Jira consultant like me :)



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