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My experience editing video using kdenlive

So I just edited this video using #kdenlive and it didn't take me long to figure out basic things. In this videos I did the following things or you can say I learned the following.

  1. How to use proxy videos? It is a simple setting in the configuration.
  2. How to import video clips from local drive? There is an option to import. Simple.
  3. Cut the clip: Use Shift + R where you have the timeline.
  4. Remove spaces: There is an option in the timeline. You can remove one space or all the spaces.
  5. I learnt how to export or render the clip. It is simple option in he menu.
  6. I learnt how to change the audio level of a clip.
  7. I learnt how to fade in, fade out and dissolve both audio and video.
  8. I learnt how to insert a title.

So overall I think I spent 20m to do all that. I do have lot of experience editing video so I guess that's why I was able to pick up quite easily. Although I have love and hate relationship with editing videos. I tend to get too involved in it because I think I want to create a good video but at the same time I don't like spending too much time editing videos and that is why I use OBS to record 99% of my videos.

I think I will stick to kdenlive for a while. For my editing needs I don't really need too much honestly. I edited these videos that I recorded from my DSLR on full HD 50 fps and used Arch Linux running on my beloved ThinkPad x220. The rendering was not super fast. I believe it took 17m to render the 5m video which is not super fast but acceptable.

So let us see if I continue using kdenlive in future.


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