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When my site grew to 10,000 members, It started receiving more than 2500 visitors per day. I was excited to see so much traffic on the site. It shows that people like what I had been doing and I was happy that I was able to help them in their admission process. Unfortuanately Dreamhost shared hosting was not able to handle that much traffic and my site used to go down many times a day. It is really irritating to see your site down. It used to affect my visitors. Well I will not blame Dreamhost because I can understand that in shared hosting multiple sites are running from a single server and thats why the prices of shared hosting is so much affordable for small businesses like mine. I talked to Dreamhost support and they suggested me to go for VPS which is Virtual Private Server. This is like my own machine that will runs just my site and I will also have full control over my machine. It was too costly for me and I couldn't afford it. So I started looking elsewhere. Luckily few people suggested me to check Webfaction hosting services. Though they are also into shared hosting but I came to know that the speed that they offer is much higher than Dreamhost and the number of sites that they run on a single server is also limited.

Though webfaction only offer 100GB of space but it is more than enough, you will never need that much space anyways. The only downside with webfaction is that as compared to Dreamhost it is kinda difficult to setup your site. I had to read their documentation in details to understand the whole process, which is not very tough but yeah it took me couple of days.

Everything else is same on Webfaction, they also offer unlimited databases, unlimited emails, shell access and much more.

So if you need an affordable but fast hosting then go for webfaction.

Click Here to buy the hosting from webfaction (affiliate link). Trust me they are amazing. My site is running on webfaction for the past 3 years and it is super fast as compared to my other Drupal sites on dreamhost.

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