Start your Jira learning here - ultimate guide to become Jira expert

So you have decided to learn Jira, great good choice. I can help. I was thinking of creating this page or blog or whatever you want to call it where I will list all the necessary resources to help your become a Jira expert.

How to use this page?

I will try to categorise my resources with tags and this page will have things in order starting from beginner level to advanced. So you may want to bookmark this page and come back here from time to time. Although my site is built on Drupal with new things updated automatically on the home page and there are separate sections for everything but this page can be your starting point.

Most of the resource as I mentioned before will be on this site with embedded videos so it will be easier to keep track of things. P

Ready, good. Let us start.

There are primarily 2 type of skills

1. Jira user

You have to use Jira as a developer, tester, helpdesk agent. If your organisation is using Jira for non technical projects even then you can learn to use Jira. You could also be a project manager and I would treat them as users as well although they can do few additional things like managing their own projects.

2. Jira Admin

You already know how to use Jira but now wants to learn the Administration. This could be because you are expected to learn it for a new job or role or may be you are looking to start your career as a Jira admin or consultant.

We will start with of course the usage of the tool but majority of my resources will focus on making you an expert.

All the resources are created by me alone. I may from time to time give reference to external sites but you will find links to either my blogs or videos.

It will be free. Although I do have books and videos courses but I won't be promoting them or ask you to buy so be assured that I am trying to help here. J am doing this because first of all I like it, I like learning new things and keeping myself updated so I would also take this opportunity to learn and share it at the same time.

Can you contact me?

Of course, I am on all social sites and the best way to get further help is to comment to my post. You can comment on this site but I received lot of spam so most likely your comment will get lost. You can comment on my youtube videos directly or reply to my posts on twitter or on linkedin. If you use the contact form on this site, I may be able to respond soon but again I have my life as well and I can certainly not help your personally but I will try my best whenever I can. As I said earlier I like learning and sharing. Simple.

Ok how do I get started? - Beginner to Advanced

1. Go to Atlassian website and learn about various products. Yes this is very important step.

2. I know you are on this page because you want to learn Jira. So get yourself access to a Jira instance. On this site most of the resources are based on the Jira Server version, however wherever applicable I will mention if I use the cloud version.

3. Keep an eye on my blog, I write mostly about Atlassian tools and Jira.

4. Subscribe to my youtube channel. Again 90% of my videos are on Atlassian tools.

5. Subscribe to my Spotify Podcast, yes I write, make videos and also do podcasting. 90% of my content probably a bit more is around Atlassian. So the more information you can consume, the more you will learn.

6. The best up to date resource to learn any Atlassian tool is the official documentation and you should refer to it regularly and bookmark it.

7. Learn about various deployment options. This is important because you want to decide early whether the Jira you want to setup or manage is hosted by Atlassian called as Cloud or on premise version called Server which again has one more version called Data Center.

- Podcast: Learning Jira Administration on cloud vs server

8. Feature wise all deployment options have 90% of the things common but may be 70% depending upon how much you want to customise it but if you want to get a quick idea about how Jira looks like you can always do a 1 week evaluation of Jira on Atlassian Cloud and then decided later if you want to use it or not. Also the server version can be evaluated for at least a month. So long story short just sign up for the cloud evaluation version.

More to come. There will probably be hundreds of steps here. So hang on and check this page again from time to time.

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