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Hey Guys today I am going to write a review of one really nice cloud hosting called as - Uhuru (http://www.uhurucloud.com). I received an invitation from a lady on linkedin 2 days back and she asked me to review this Cloud Hosting for free. She mentioned that I can host any database driven application on the free trial. Well I not new to Cloud thing so I immediately checked the site and signed up for the trial.

The login was pretty straight forward, if you have Google, Microsoft or Facebook account then you can simple click on any of these services and you will be logged in to their service in just seconds. Cool stuff. I like fast sign ups.

The moment you log in you will be presented with very neat interface where you can simply click on the big green plus sign to add a cloud.

Then just type in the name of the application and select some ready to install applications like Drupal, joomla, wordpress and more and click on the Cloud Push button.

I love Drupal so I select that only :) and within few minutes then Drupal was installed. Yes thats it guys. They will give you a subdomain like ABC.uhurucloud.com where you can access you application. Also don't forget to start your application.

What else. You can even point your own domain to this app.

BTW the Drupal username is "admin" and password is "administrator12345" in their installed. So just change that you enjoy their services.

Note: I am writing this review because uhuru guys promised me to give me one year free hosting and I am too greedy to refuse that.

I am attaching the screenshots for your ease. Go ahead and give it a try.

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