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Visit to Metro Walk, Rohini

Ravi Sagar

Yeterday I went to Metro Walk, Rohini with my wife. The first day of the year was good. I got up on my usual wake up time, got ready and started working. Yesterday I made one site live. It is the last website that I made for someone else. So I am glad that there won't be any more client work. I will spend the next 3 months 100% on preparing Drupal training videos. Last year I made some plans for myself and I set some goals. I achieve some of them and I failed in rest. That ok with me. Atleast now I know what wrong things I did. I also made some goals really big that I eventually couldnt achieve. So this year my goals would be easy and small and I will gradually add the difficulty level of my goals. Achieving goals is more important no matter how big or small they are. When you achieve something you feel good and you get more motivated to do more. Big goals can be scary and difficult to achieve, infact I sometimes don't even try to work on those big goals and in the end I feel sad about them. So that was an important lesson and this year I will take care of that.

Once again I wish that this new year will be a great year for me and everyone I know!!

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