Why I am not blogging much these days?

I was thinking a lot about it. Do I really need to update this blog every other day just for the sake of it? If you ask them then I will say yes I love writing stupid nonsense things which are not relevant for others and I write because I like it. I am no writer but I just find it relaxing. I write to break free. Now coming back to the point. I am thinking that instead of writing often I should write probably less but some quality stuff that can help others. May be I will start another blog. ravisagar.in would be my stupid nonsense blog where I can write whatever I want and another blog could show my serious side to the world and probably help others and society. I don't know yet but lets see. Let me do some thinking about it. May be I will just re-work on this blog. Changes design and start writing serious stuff here.

BTW I have to update this site from D6 to D7. Man I am lazy.

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