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Sync Jira agile board with a physical board

Submitted by ravisagar on Thu, 03/08/2018 - 20:26

Sometime back I wrote a blog about using a physical agile board and syncing it with your Jira tickets! Can't believe it?

Yes it is possible. Read me blog to known more about it.

Sync your physical Agile board with JIRA

Sky is the limit when it comes to using Jira for different use cases and with this ability to schedule the physical board with Jira board it opens up tons of opportunities for software teams to use Jira.

Do you want to have Live chat with @JiraServiceDesk and @SlackHQ. Using @Chatlio & @Jirio_app apps.

Submitted by ravisagar on Thu, 03/08/2018 - 17:22

Do you want to enable live chat for you customers? If the answer is yes then do take a look at my blog "How to engage your customers with Jira live chat support". I wrote it recently to share my findings around implementing live chat with Jira Service Desk and Slack.

I am used Chatlio and Jirio which are Slack apps to enable not only live chat that can be embedded in any we application like your company website but also to create a ticket from your slack chat to your Jira Service Desk Project.

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