Migrating repositories and Bibucket Cloud vs Data Center

Bitbucket on Cloud is different from Bitbucket on Server or Data Center. This page will list those differences

  • On Cloud there is a workspace
    • Workspace > Project > Repository
    • All the repositories, permissions, users and groups are managed at workspace level.
    • There are projects on cloud as well but it is a bit limited in functionality. No permissions at project level on cloud.
  • On Data Center there are projects
    • Project > Repository
    • Projects can have permissions, access keys
  • Cloud Workspace is like System Administration on DC
  • Repository administrator
    • Same on Cloud and DC
    • In Bitbucket Cloud, every repository within a workspace or a project must have a unique name, unlike Bitbucket Server where repositories in two different projects can have the same name
    • User and group access: same on cloud and server
    • Branch permission: Same on cloud and server
    • Access keys: same on cloud and server
    • Push log: only on server
    • Audit log: only on server
    • Branching model: Same on clod and server
    • Hooks: On server
  • Workflow management
    • There are Branch permissions on both cloud and server
  • Pipelines
    • It is a feature on cloud
    • Build/Public/Deploy variety of applications
    • Check this page to know more about pipelines on cloud
    • Limitations of pipeline on cloud

This page has details.

Migrating from Bitbucket Cloud to Server

  • Resolve open pull requests on cloud
  • Make cloud repository read-only
  • Create a project on server
  • Setup permissions on server
  • Create a repository and import. This page has details.
  • Meta data like pull requests, users, permissions will not be migrated, it has to be done manually
  • Atlassian also has this stash importer script written in scala.

Migrating from Bitbucket Server to Cloud

  • The steps were same as above but Atlassian has released the Server to Cloud migration assistant
  • This github repository has shell scripts to migrate. It might also work for cloud to server.
  • Check this script for bulk cloning bitbucket server repositories

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