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In August last year I had around 100 subscribers, till then I was making videos on several topics but after that I decided to make videos only on Atlassian tools. 6 months have passed and I have 761 subscribers and growing quite fast. I will come back to this note after some time when I cross million subscribes :)

Jokes apart (may be not) I never thought about the analytics like views and watch time. I make videos because I like making them. Although I am more into blogging or at least I was but making videos is just another format. I like keep a record of things. Making videos or writing about things I learn gives me a sense of satisfaction. I like to end my day with some task that brought a value. When I go to bed and think about my day there should be at least 1 valuable thing or little achievement that I can be proud of.

I quite often refer to my old blogs or videos to refresh my memory or relearn what I did long back. It is like my own little knowledge base.

Coming back to the analytics, yes I like when people comment and ask questions on my channel. I receive thank you note from many people almost every day. Not about my videos only but also by reading my blogs. If you want to know me start reading my blogs from the beginning and you will see how I evolved over the years. I think I like to spend lot of time solving problems mostly for myself but by sharing I think I can help others or connect with like minded people.

I have always been in an industry where my profession requires me to interact with people. I am not massively a people person but I have countless examples of people meeting me and telling me "Oh I read your blog it was great" and now a days people say "Your videos are great". I know my videos are not great, people are usually nice. I try to focus on content but I know I can always improve.

Anyways. If you are reading this blog then please subscribe to my channel. I am think I am slowly becoming a slave of YouTube algorithm :), not really but I will like that, here is my channel link:

I recently started doing podcasting also, yes why not. No actually I started podcasting 10 years ago but I didn't continue because of other priorities in life, but now things are much easier. I make podcasts usually from my mobile. Here are the links in case you want to listen to me :)


That's it for today. Enjoy.

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