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Atlassian Updates - James Cameron, ScriptRunnerHQ and more

Time to go through some exciting updates from the @Atlassian ecosystem like James Cameron in Team23, ScriptRunnerHQ and more. #AtlassianUpdates #TeaWithRavi

ScriptRunner HQ

There is a new website. Click here to know more. Learning SR4J is not easy, if you don't have programming background then forget about it. I hope they focus on building good documentation.

James Cameron will be speaking at Team 23, Las Vegas

I loved watching Aliens and Terminator as a kid, it left a long lasting impression on me. James Cameron is definitely a genius film maker and I was excited to see that he will be speaking at Team 23, Las Vegas. His session is "Creating the impossible", it would be good to see him live and hear from him. Click here to know more.

London ACE event on 23rd Feb

I really happy to see these event happening again. I usually don't go to lot of events but whenever there is an Atlassian ACE event then I definitely try to go. It is always good to meet old colleagues and learn about new exciting things happening in the Atlassian ecosystem. This event was about ITSM. I really enjoyed it.

Atlassian Unleash videos available on-demand

You can go this page.

Team-managed projects for JSM

You can read about it here.


Video of the week

Well this video I want to pick two videos, the first one has to be "Earning money from Jira", I have built a successful career in the field of Atlassian and I believe that if you have a skill then you should learn how to earn money from it. In this video I shared my ideas.

The second video is about this Jira native pie chart gadget, it good but has this annoying thing. When you create two pie chart showing the same statistic let us say status of issues from different project then it will show different colours. Really annoying but good to know. Watch the video here.


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