2014 Half Year Update

More than half of 2014 has passed away and today it is 1st August. Today is my mother's birthday and also starting August it is festival time. Rakhi is next week, then Independence Day, next month is my birthday, then Dusshera, Diwali an so on. Really looking forward to next few months.

I am happy. There is a reason. My company Sparxsys is doing really well, especially the way I planned. We are by far the best JIRA Training provider in India right now. I don't think any other institute or organization who is into JIRA training can match our quality and experience. That is one. Second we are also one of the leading Drupal training provider in NCR. On an average I receive atleast 10-15 Drupal training requirements every week and around 5 JIRA training leads. Lastly we have some really amazing Drupal development projects lined up.

At our company we are now selective with work, we don't accept boring work just for the sake of money. We prefer working with smart clients who are willing to pay for the quality. Though our rates are still affordable and we charge less than our counter parts.

I am sure Sparxsys is on its way to become the number 1 Drupal and JIRA Consultancy firm in India.

We are planning to focus more on trainings and building products now. Recently we did some changes in the company that was difficult for me but it was necessary. I recently read Lean startup book that talks about continuously monitoring your progress and pivoting as and when necessary. The decisions I took in last few months were little difficult but now I feel that it really helped me to get more focus on things that matter the most and bring maximum value.

BTW I am also receiving some job offers :) really tempting offers but you know it is not easy to give up your dream. I recently started writing a daily journal where I summarize daily stuff in few paragraphs. It is good to write regularly, it really clears up the confusion in the mind and I think everyone should write journals.

It is 8:30 PM and I can hardly focus and write well, so winding up now.

Good Bye.

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