Best Drupal company in India?

Today a very close friend of mine whome I was talking to after quit long time, after 6 months actually. He was looking for some professional Drupal Developer or a company who can help him develop an online shopping portal for his family business. He of course first asked me to do this job for him but I am over booked till December :( this is I think one of the major problem for any small startup company which is into services. Many time I have to refuse the project because client doesn't want to wait for 1 or 2 months.

On the other side I want to keep my startup small, that is my intention. May be in future I will grow it but at this point of time I am loving doing all the work on my own and full control over each and everything and this limit my growth to a certain extent but right now I am quite happy. Anyways coming back to my friend's project I suggested him to get it done from someone else if he can't wait that long. Had it been a simple website I would have said yes to him but his website requirements were quite complex and I just don't have that much bandwidth right now.

My friend is also technical personal thought not into website development but he has very good understanding of web stuff and he was clear that he wanted to get it done in Drupal. So he asked me a question which no one ever asked me before and in fact I also never thought about it.

He asked me "Which is the best Drupal Company in India?"

I had no answer to his question but I did recommend him some companies and freelancers in NCR that can certainly do his project.

I am still wondering which is actually the best Drupal company in India? or is that the right question to ask?

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