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Desk setup - fancy vs getting things done?

Feeling a bit nostalgic today. Let me share my desk setup of the past few years.

2020 - Standing desk setup. Yes it doesn't look fancy but it gets the job done :) This is a DIY standing desk with several boxes placed on top of each other to achieve the perfect position. Try it out it is cheap - just need some of your time to setup and it is satisfying :)
2020 DIY Standing Desk

2009 - I spent lot of time that building some personal Drupal sites. This year I got serious about doing it professionally and started the process of registering my company. I used to workout from my room where I had bench press and weights.
2009 Setup

2011 - I have no doubt that this year I worked really hard. I still feel guilty that I don't work hard enough now like I used but I guess it was needed that year.
2011 Setup

2012 - My daughter was born that year and I was even more determined.
2012 Setup

2013 - I have to admit I was indeed very tired and honestly not happy. I was earning good money but I was doing too much work and not satisfied.
2013 Setup

2015 - The best year ever. I figured out what I want in life. Very happy that year. I was doing very less work still earning good money, best feeling ever. I realised that enjoying life and taking it easy is the best thing to do. My daughter was also getting naughtier and didn't let me sit on the computer.
2015 Setup

2018 - Boxes appeared again :)
2018 Setup

One thing is common in all of these pics. My setup has always been humble. Extremely clean desk actually distract me. I prefer dirty setup where everything is accessible. I prefer a setup which is comfortable. I now standup most of the time because that is the only posture that works best for me. Although I can afford to buy a standing desk but why spend money on something that you can do for free. I do sit down to work only when I get bored or too tired.

I think no working posture is good for long time. You should always take frequent breaks. Using a full sized keyword is extremely important for me, otherwise I get shoulder and neck pain.

There was no point I wanted to make in this post apart from the fact that the most important thing is to get things done. Your fancy desk is of no use if you are not getting things done ;)



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