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My biggest challenge I think is to organise my content. I have plenty of videos, articles, kb and tips on this site. When I started this blog, it was meant to be nothing but a blog but over the years I think my blog has become more or less like a site or a knowledge base. I am happy with that actually.

The problem however is to organise the content that I already have to that anyone who is coming to this site to seek information can find it easily. It will be a shame if you come to my site and leave without finding what you were looking for.

So I am writing this blog to help you.

My target audience

  • Want to learn Jira and Atlassian tools?
  • Want to learn Drupal?
  • Love Programming?
  • Want to learn Linux?
  • Interested in Open Source?
  • Interested in Automation?
  • Want to learn Emacs and Org Mode?
  • Want to learn how to manage time effectively?
  • Want to be happy?

What is your role?

  • Software Engineer?
  • Consultant?
  • Project Manager?
  • College student looking for career advice?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then hopefully this site can help you. Although I have lot of content on the site I have been trying to organise it by creating courses that you can follow. I make regular videos on the topics I covered above which are on my YouTube channel but I understand that it is not always easy to follow series of videos on YouTube and that is why I created these courses that you can follow. Of Course they are free and available to all :)




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