Happy New Year - 2012

Alright so 2011 is almost over now, in just few hours 2012 will come. New Year yeah!! I really don't understand why people celebrate

new year. I have no clue and I really fail to understand. New year doesn't really change anything. It doesn't bring you more money or

some opportunity that will change our life then why do we celebrate new year? It is just another day!! May be it is just human nature

and we all need some reason to celebrate. New year is probably the only event that is celebrated all over the world in almost every


I really never celebrated new year. I will not be celebrating this year. I mean to say that I dont really party on new year eve. May

be when I really feel the need then I will celebrate new year. Not now. Yeah I might sound boring here. Actually I try to enjoy my

life every day so I don't really wait for any special day to treat myself. My parties and enjoyments come on day to day basis when I

reward myself when I achieve anything small or big. It gives me encouragement to do more.

New year does bring some changes. I need to create a new folder on my computer where I keep track of my bills, bank statements, daily

expenses, mails and lot of other stuff. Nothing really much.

I don't really have any new year resolutions but I do need to do lot of things this year.

Happy New year guys. 2012 will be awesome year!!

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