Why can't we have dedicated Bicycle Tracks in Delhi?

I just bought a bicycle and now I have big plans to take it to many places. I don't have a car or motorcycle so my cycle is gonna be my vehicle. I want to use it for both exercise and traveling but after riding it yesterday I realized that it is a little dangerous to ride a cycle on Delhi roads which are ruled by blue line buses and always-in-hurry people. I was wondering why can't we have dedicated bicycle tracks on all major roads in Delhi. If you have ever traveled on BRT from ITO to Khan pur you we see that there is a separate track for cyclist. Not only it is safe for them, also they can't disrupt the fast traffic.

I think at least major roads like Ring Road, Outer Ring Road, NH8 should have cycle tracks. It is too dangerous to ride cycle on these roads along with the traffic. My office is 35KMs from my home and I would love to commute by cycle. I would be awesome to travel 70KMs daily on a cycle. Not only health wise but also it is good for environment.

I am a member of Delhi cycling group and I must say that by seeing so many people taking part in cycling events I got inspired to buy my own cycle. A normal healthy person can easily ride 20KMs daily but still everyone use their cars. If someone wants to travel to a far location then may be they can travel half the distance on a cycle and remaining on public transport like Metro or Buses. Besides cycle tracks, government should also focus on building parking facilities for cycles.

Daily I see trillions of cars on Delhi-Gurgaon highway, it seems that everyone on earth has a car except me :) I feel there should be a law that should punish all those people who are traveling alone in the car :p Each car should have at least 2 people, else give them a challan for causing traffic on roads. I feel this is just my wild imagination, this can't happen in India. We people are too used to luxuries and comfort of life, moreover people will never trust strangers to give to lift or car pool.

Government should also subsidies the cycle rates to motivate more people buying a cycle. I hope more and more people start using cycle for their daily commuting.

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