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Atlassian Updates - Mobile App, Outage Report and The Jira Guy post

Let us look at some of the updates of last week in the Atlassian ecosystem.

Updates in the Jira Cloud iOS and Android app:

There are some improvements done in the mobile app. I do use the Android app for Jira, it is simple and works fine but yes I would always appreciate new features. There are new incident management capabilities to help users manage the tickets by marking them as "major" from the app, there are new gadgets in the iOS app, push notifications and some performance improvements.

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Atlassian outage report

So after the infamous outage in early April Atlassian has given an update that they have restored all the data. If you want to know more about the data management then you can read it here, where they have mentioned how they mentioned the outages, recovery and business continuity.

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Stay on top released on Jira Cloud

This is Sparxsys app which I was working on lately. Simple app made using Forge but I am happy that I managed to find time and also publish it.

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Atlassian Response on The Jira Guy blog about Data Center

Rodney wrote a blog post about Atlassian lack of enthusiasm about Jira Data Center in the recent Atlassian event which you can read here. Atlassian responded with this post on the community reassuring us that they still have some plans for Jira Data Center. If you are like me and love Jira on prem version then you would find this interesting. I highly recommend you to read these posts.

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