[Day 1: Success]

Today is 1st March and I got ut on time today. Yesterday I pledged that I will wake up on time everyday this month. The alarm woke me up at 3:55 AM. Today I was able to get out of the bed easily as I slept nicely and felt refreshed. That's because yesterday night I was in bed by 9:30PM and it was difficult to fall asleep initially but eventually I slept at around 10:15 I guess. As I mentioned yesterday that I also slept during the day for 30 mins. Why am I doing all this? I have taken up a challenge to wake up on time throughout this month. Though I have been early riser all my life but lately I was not keepin up and this good habit of mine was in jeopardy. I know the benefits of rising early, I know people argue on this topic but everyone who like to sleep late please don't read my blog, our ideologies don't meet and there is no reason for you to visit this site. Go an enjoy your sleep.

After I got up I washed my face which is very important and I moved to my home office cum drawing room and turned on all the light to get into the mood. I suggest you to setup a serious environment in your home as well. I don't start my day with exercise right after I get up, instead I work for 2 hours straight and then I start work out at 6 AM. Some people can start with exercising just after they get up but for me I prefer to work first and feel good about achieving some difficult tasks first thing in the morning.

Today I posted a blog I have been writing on my other site www.SlashNode.in - Create Node Compare Functionality using views and flag Drupal Modules. Yesterday I spent more than 4 hours writing this blog post. In fact I wanted to write about it for so long but yesterday I just wrote the whole damn thing. Hopefully it will help others who are learning Drupal.

The day looks exciting and I wish you all the best. If you want to Wake up on time with me then subscribe to me newsletter.

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