Do you want to WAKE UP ON TIME everyday?

If you are reading this blog then probably you have reached here from twitter or facebook. I doubt that you are a follower of my blog. It is ok, there is nothing extra ordinary about my blog, it is just my personal blog. That's it.

I have been thinking about it for the past few days. The one thing I do good and I am proud of is waking up on time most days in a week. I occasionally break this habit though. I do want to be perfect in it and I really want to wake up every single day without fail. May be lets say at least 360 days in an year. Not waking up on time 5 times in an year is acceptable. You may have some emergency or sick may be but not a single day more than that.

Why the hell should we wake up early?

I am sure you have lots of dream and ambitions about your life. May be you want to crack any examination or get a promotion or start a new business. Whatever it is, it will require your discipline and dedication to work everyday towards your goal, but all that will need more time than you would normally spend through out day. It is not necessary that you spend extra hours everyday but I guess it is good to at least wake up early everyday. I know many people who just want to get fit, loose weight and want to exercise daily. When you get up early you have time to go to gym or may be to a park to exercise. I know some people will disagree about waking up early but I really feel that we human beings are day animals. Our body and mind works best early morning and as the day progress the productivity falls down. It means that starting your day with a bang will help you. I personally start my day with planning the whole day on my notepad. I spend at least 30 mins every day on this activity. Some people might find it waste of time but believe me knowing what you have to do in the day is something that gives you clear focus.

Every morning while making my daily list of to-do tasks I start with writing down my Short Term Goals (Withtin 6 months) and Medium Term Goals (6 months to 2 years) on the paper and as I am writing the to-do task list I verify the need of those tasks, whether they contribute towards my goals or not. Doing this every morning give me clear vision about my day. It may seem useless but keep doing it in long run will definitely keeps you on track.

Anyways I am little biased here when I say that waking up early is good. I like it. I do it and I can give you 1000 reasons to wake up early on time.

Ok so if you are convinced that it is indeed good that waking up early on time is good. Then you would ask me how will I get up on time every morning. I know it sounds so easy. You put an alarm on your mobile to get up at 5:00 AM and sleep. It doesn't work. When the alarms goes off your hand will reach out to the mobile and it is likely that you will snooze the alarm and promise yourself to get up in just 1 sec. Oh yes I was in the middle of a beautiful dream, let me complete it. It is just 5:00 AM right now, I will be up myself at 5:05 and start exercising, I really need this sleep. When you actually get up it is already 7:00 AM and which is your days first failure and you will feel depressed for sometime and then forget about it and with just a small guilt feeling for few seconds you will promise yourself that you will surely get up on time tomorrow. Oh yeah last night I slept late, I worked so hard all day in the office. You will convince yourself and give excuses. I used to do it and overcome it. Occasionally I do get disturbed and I feel really sad when I do not get up on time.

Ok so what am I trying to say here

In this blog in simple words I am just trying to say that I can help you with waking up on time and yes I also don't follow this habit myself so today I want to pledge that I will wake up at 4:00 AM everyday and I will keep a count of the days I get up on time and share with all of you. May be on a daily basis I will update you guys whether I get up on time or not.

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