Enjoying the work these days

For the past couple of months I have been working on lot of new stuff. Life is good and so is work. Enjoying every bit of it.

When you do what you love then hard work seems sweet.

Recently I self realized something (not by sitting under some tree) that over the past few years I had been cribbing and blaming everyone for all the things that are not right according to me or for me. This is not the way to deal with it. We should seek positivity and good things will happen to you, even things that are not corrected can be corrected if you show positive attitude.

Few things that I csn share with you.

1. Make a list of your long term goals in life. Things that you really want to do in life.

2. Work towards your goal every day. It could be just a small bit but make sure your action everyday contribute towards achieving that goal.

3. Keep thinking about your dreams and goals everyday. Remind yourself everyday. Write it on a paper and paste it on your wall. Better if you use some images too!!

4. Stay motivated always. Don't let bad feelings to come in your mind. It is like virus. Feel good always! If some bad thought comes to your mind then do anything to change your thought. Listen to music or eat something nice or talk to any friend.

Bahut bakwaas ho gayi ab apna kaam karo jao. Have great day!

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