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Implementing POSSE on my site

Recently I came across this post from Dries that also inspired me to change the approach I follow to post on social networking sites.

I post a lot on twitter, linkedin and facebook and I also aspire to write blogs regularly on this site which never really happens but I try and have been blogging actively for 10+ years now but sometimes I wish if I can post more. Posting content on socials is easy as you don't bother too much about the grammar and you don't think a lot when posting but when you write a blog you have a tendency to give your blog some structure.

The whole idea of POSSE - Publish (on your) Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere is to post the content on your own site where you own it and share it to other sites. So the content stay with you. You control it forever.

So here is the plan


New content type with its own page view and a link in the main menu of the site. This will be used for quick thoughts that I would usually post on twitter, facebook or linkedin. This will usually be a text based post but I might post images here. Lets us see how it goes. The idea is to use this content type for posting and sharing quick thoughts.

Semi automatic syndicating: Sharing smoothly on social sites

I don't like the idea of posting everything from the blog to social sites. I do post my blogs on twitter using feedburner but for the new notes section I would like to have the control on what content should be pushed to the social networking sites.

So what I did now, I am now using Zapier to first create a Rebrandly link whenever there is a new item in my blog RSS and then using Zapier again I am posting any new rebrandly like to my twitter account. This way I achieved the following flow:

New blog or note > RSS > Rebrandly link on custom domain > Posting on twitter

This is working nicely for me and it seems to be good so far.

Syndicating images

There was a time when I used to send an email to my unique flick account and that email was converted as a blog post using xml-rpc. I am not sure yet how I can do that in Drupal 8 but I am not very much comfortable with posting lot of images on my blog. I just found out that there is an xmlrpc module so may be I will configure it again.

Ability to post from email

I always have my beloved blackberry with me and posting via email would be my most preferred method. I am also imagining that if I can simple send an email from my phone and that email is converted as a note and based on some additional keyword that I will specify in my email body it will also be shared on my preferred social networking site.

So far so good. Of course I need to improve a lot further like whenever there is an image in my blog post that image should get posted as an image on either twitter or linkedin but let us worry about it some other day.

Link to my first page where I am testing webmentions.


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