Taking control back of your data & 2 year update #INDIEWEB #POSSE

Couple of years back I was introduced to the idea of POSSE. It was basically after reading Dries post. Apart from videos I post pretty much everything on my blog.

This blog has the following types of content.

  • Notes: Short updates, checkins and photos
  • Blogs: Long articles

I of course use heavily on this site taxonomy and views to organise the content. This site is currently managed using Drupal Compose projects and now I have a workflow from local to production and it makes adding new features very easily.

Coming back to the topic - I post my content here and I then syndicate it elsewhere, you can know more about it on this page -> POSSE. I am quite happy with this approach and it definitely feels good to be in control of your content. There are things like videos which you can really upload on your own server. It will consume the bandwidth very quickly and you need to upload videos on YouTube for the traffic and audience.

To after quite a while I did some cycling and now thinking of making health my priority. You can watch me doing cycling and also enjoy the beautiful summer day in UK.


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