Last 2 months of 2017 - Revamping

This year has been interesting in many ways. Living in foreign country and adapting new things is challenging but it wasn't really very tough. For me I am quite used to Delhi so living in London for me is more about reminiscing. Lets see what is next for me. As of now things are good. This year for me it was all about getting used to a new place and people. I am not very fond of change. I like things as they are and I get little annoyed when things change around me. So 2017 has been ok if not great. This year I don't know if I accomplished anything great or learned something new which is little concerning for me. I haven't really learned a lot so far this year but there are still 2 more months in 2017. So I am trying to make some plans.
Revamping this site

This site is very close to me but I have not really done much work in maintaining it both in terms of content and functionality. I used to be very social with this site and other sites. People used to comment on the site and I used to reply to them but few years ago I got overwhelmed and decided to disable all comments. Now I do miss that interaction and planning to make this site interactive where I can interact with others. The purpose of this site is mainly to share my experience, journey and learnings, it is more of a personal thing for me but now I feel I should open up and let others ask me questions, give me feedback and become a bit more social like I used to be.
Almost everyone I meet for the first time who contact me for work or my old friends or old boss has told me that they read my blog regularly. In fact I share a part of my life here on this site and people who read this blog know a part of me if not whole through this blog. I usually don't plan and spend time writing blogs and most of my blogs are quite instance. I just start writing my feelings and that is it. So I feel that people like reading it. Many people who contact me say that they really like my blog and I feel good. I want to feel more good now and want to open up a bit on this blog. So I have made some high level plans for this blog. Backlog stories  

  • Update/Migrate the site to latest Drupal 8
  • Enable newsletter - Mailchimp or Simplenews not sure which one but most likely within Drupal
  • Enable comment
  • Improve design a bit. It is not bad but not great. I will keep the same base color #330000
  • Add Media gallery
  • Make sure I write 1 blog every week
  • Make it easier to find old blogs
  • Make sure the site site rank number 1 for specific keywords

I recently came to know about this blog on doing 30 things by 30. I think it is amazing idea. I am too late to do 30 by 30 but I can certainly do 40 by 40. Even though I don't have many years left but I will certainly post a list of 40 by 40 soon.

See you. Bye.

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